Married... With Children

Season 3 Episode 16

The House That Peg Lost

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 1989 on FOX
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Steve and Marcy ask Peggy to look over their house, but when a moving company asks for "Steves Roadhouse", Peggy allows the company to tow away the Rhoades home, and they have to spend a night at the Bundys - where Kelly is having a slumber party.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Al and Peg look out of the front door to watch Steve and Marcy on their property after the house was towed away. This would implicate that the Rhoades live on the opposite side of the street, while they actually live on the same side as the Bundys.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Al: Hey, Steve, that's rude. A man's home is his castle.
        Steve: Well, mine is a moat, Al. What did you do with our house?

      • Al: Peg, I don't want to go to your mothers. I see how she looks at me, like I was between two pieces of bread. We all know what happened to her dog.
        Peggy: They never proved that.

      • Al: Well, I'm going shopping so if I don't come back in four days, eat without me. And if I do come back, call a doctor, 'cause obviously I don't know who I am.
        Peggy: Oh, could you pick me up some panty hose, nude toes and shear to the tummy? And some tampons.
        Al: I'm dead. Why don't I fall down? (opens the door and a workman stands before him) If you're a kidnapper, don't forget the little male child upstairs. Have a nice day.

      • Al: You know Peg, this is my house. I pay for it, I live in it, and I like to feel I can roam around it like any other desperate, caged animal. What am I supposed to do locked in a room with you all night?
        Peggy: Well, I too have a promisory note you signed when Kelly was eight. It's for sex, Al.
        Al: Oh no, is it 1989 already?

      • Kelly: I just wanted to remind you, tomorrow is the big day. So thanks for letting me have a pajama party.
        Al: Oh, no. You're not having a pajama party. I'm still having flashbacks from the last one you had.
        Kelly: Daddy, I was eight.
        Al: But the Judge wanted to try you as an adult.
        Kelly: Mommie, thanks for letting me have my pajama party.
        Peggy: You're welcome.
        Al: Oh, no. I'm not gonna sit here and let you two make my decisions for me. That's how we had Bud.
        Kelly: Well Dad, if you'll remember, I was the first one to say let's throw him back. But you promised I could have another pajama party. It's right here in black and white. (pulls out a piece of paper) You signed it when I was eight.
        Kelly: (reads) "Absolutely no parties involving pajamas, music or shaving Daddy's head while he sleeps, until you're sixteen". Signed, your father, god help me. Al Bundy.
        Al: You can't hold me to that, I thought I'd be dead by now.

      • Peggy: Al, have you seen my ash tray? Oh, there it is.
        (she dumps her cigarette into the beer can)
        Al: You know, I thought the beer tasted like your hamburgers.
        Peggy: It's an old family recipe. Of course Mom' was a little different. She chewed tobacco.
        Al: Yeah. I remember her lemonade.

      • Tasha: You're seeing my Greg?
        Lauren: And my Dan?
        Kelly: Well... I wasn't going to keep them.
        Tasha: Sow!
        Lauren: Trollop!
        Tasha: Tramp!
        Lauren: Slut!
        Tasha: Bundy!

      • Bud: Where are you guys going?
        Al: We're gonna sleep outside in the hole, Bud.
        (Peggy and Al open the front door to find pouring rain)
        Peggy: Oh, Al, it's raining.
        Al: Good. I'll sleep with my mouth open. Maybe I'll drown.

      • (Bud crashes Kelly's slumber party dressed like Hugh Hefner)
        Bud: Good eeeevning, ladies. Just a little reminder. When you get tired of the endless drone of girlish chatter, step up to pleasure. Step up to 'Club Bud'.

      • Al: Peggy, Steve and Marcy's house is gone.
        Peggy: Gone? What do you mean by gone?
        Al: Gone. Like my hopes, my dreams, my life - gone.
        Peggy: Oh, gone.

      • Bud: (When taking pictures of the girls) Yum yum give me some.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Notice the items Al and Peg are looting when they return home from the Rhoades'. They are carrying the VCR, which they had also stolen in the previous episode, and the same wooden jewelry box that the Bundy family walked off with at the end of "The Harder They Fall."

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