Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 21

You Better Shop Around (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1991 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Al buys a cheap old air conditioner which leads to a massive blackout in the entire neighborhood, forcing the Bundys to move into a supermarket.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The bundies go to a supermarket and start acting like they had to perform every single cliche ever performed in comedy and cartoons. They even enter in a game with Marcy and Jefferson so unfunny that even Seven would be more tolerable.moreless

    It wasn\\\'t a Married with Children episode. The characters were the same, but it was like watch a cartoon. The story hasn\\\'t any connection with the sitcom I like. The lady who wrote the episode failed terribly.

    The writer don\\\'t have to be original, but at least she didn\\\'t have to copy every silly joke on tv. Oil on trail, box gloves knocking people out, Al bowling people...

    This wasn\\\'t the first one terrible, but it was the harder to watch. Come to think of it, it was the betrayl of the characters and the show itself. Nobody likes to watch zombies doing \\\"funny\\\" things that had nothing to do with the show. A good story still What everybody likes.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the scene at the beginning of the episode, Peggy shoots Al's plastic pool, and it starts spewing out water. However, in Al's pool, air should have been leaking out, not water.

    • In the scene when the Bundys barricade their front door from an angry mob, Katey Sagal couldn't finish her line: "Well, Desert Fox..." and had to start over because the studio audience's laughter was so loud.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Al: Marcy, get I get in front of you? I only need to buy a stick of gum.
      Marcy: Eat hot death, loser!
      Al: (looks at a magazine stand) Oh, the National Equirer. Look at this, "Steve Rhoades marries Cher."
      Marcy: Where? Where?

    • (the Bundys cut Marcie in line and won a 1,000,000th customer shopping spree)
      Marcy: (to the check-out lady) Hey! I was the next in line!
      Al: What are you complaining about? You still are.

    • (Al's wiring has blown out the neighborhood's transformer on the hottest day of the year)
      Peggy: Oh, the whole neighborhood's gone dark!
      Al: Well, at least they don't know it's our fault.
      Neighbor: Bundy did this!
      Crowd: BUNDY! BUNDY! BUNDY!
      Kelly: God, where did they get the torches and the pitchforks so fast?

    • Al: Kids, we're moving into the drug store down the street.
      Manager: Buy something, or you'll be moving into the County Jail.
      Al: OK. Peg. Checkbook.
      Manager: Cash only, Bundy, and I STILL want two forms of ID.
      Al: Family meeting. OK, give me all your money.
      (Peg and Kids give money to Al)
      Al: Eighteen cents. When I asked you for money to buy a battery for the Kaiser you said you didn't have a dime.
      Peggy: No, we said we didn't give a DAMN.

    • Peggy: (Al has brought home a surplus air conditioner) Al, where did you get this? I thought you were going to that Korean discount place. You know, where they have appliances that have names almost like real name brand appliances? Like our Frigid-door refrigerator or our RC-Hay television.

    • Al: I have a strange yearning for some melons. (Al sees Marcy) and a plucked chicken.

    • Al: What do you think the poor people are doing right now?

    • Kelly: Nice shooting, Mom.
      Peggy: Not really, I was aiming for Daddy.

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