Married... With Children

Season 5 Episode 22

You Better Shop Around (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 1991 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When the manager of the food store checks the totals a second time, he looks at the wrong registers. He looks to the register on the right for the D'Arcy's, and the left one for the Bundy's. When they emptied there carts for the first time, the D'Arcy's had the one on the left and the Bundy's had the one on the right.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry Mathers: Ladies and gentlemen, it's certainly a pleasure to be here at Foodies, the store with great food, and super-low prices...
      (breaks down)
      Jerry Mathers: Oh, merciful heavens, won't somebody please shoot me! Somebody, please, just put a bullet through the Old Beav's head!
      Peggy: Oh, Al, look at him. He's brought so much pleasure to so many. Can't you get him a job at the shoe store?
      Al: That's all I need, Peg. Work all day with the Beaver and come home to you.

    • Al: (Jefferson reaches for a box but Al stops him) That's my douche!
      Jefferson: Oh yeah? Well you touched my girlie fizz.
      (Al tries to grab the box)
      Jefferson: Damn it, Al, now we're both men. There's enough in feminine hygiene for the both of us.

    • Jerry Mathers: And remember, the winner gets a $1000 shopping spree; which, incidentally is more than I am getting for this gig. Can it be true? Isn't there room on Match Game PM for another washed up celebrity? Am I truly lower than Charles Nelson Reilly?

    • (Bud and Kelly are harassing Jerry Mathers at Foodie's)
      Bud: Can you settle a bet between my sister and me? She says you frittered away your money on cheap women and booze. I say it was donuts and cheap women.
      Jerry Mathers: Give me a quarter and go away.

    • Kelly: Who is this blubbering mess?
      Bud: I don't know, I think he used to be Opie.
      Jerry Mathers: Opie was Ron Howard, you fool. I was, no, I am the Beaver!
      Kid: Can I have your autograph, Opie?
      Jerry Mathers: Okay, that'll be two dollars, in advance.

    • Bud: Just one more question; if all the autograph hounds will stay back a minute. Did you ever think of teaming up with that Eddie Munster kid for the "Throughly Pathetic Tour '91"?
      Jerry Mathers: Let's get this over with once and for all. I may have to earn a pathetic living by donning the cap of The Beaver and appearing at supermarkets, but at least my father doesn't sell women's shoes.
      (Shamed, Bud and Kelly slink off)
      Jerry Mathers: Golly, that felt good.

    • Jefferson: Drop dead!
      Peggy: Lick feet!
      Marcy: Eat dirt!
      Al: Grow hair!

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