Married... With Children

Season 2 Episode 13

You Better Watch Out

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 20, 1987 on FOX

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  • See Santa go skydiving.

    In the first Christmas episode of the "Married...with Children" series, I must say that even though the outcome with Santa skydiving was a little sad, was still good for a laugh.

    In the episode, Al is in a bad mood because of a new mall that opened closer to where he lives has nicer stores and better service, causing the mall where he works at to lose a lot of business and Al not getting his Christmas bonus, resulting in the family not getting any presents for the Holidays. To make matters worse for Al, all over the news the new mall is advertising how Santa is going to skydiving over the parking lot with hundreds of mall gift certificates, only Santa got blown off course and landed in the Bundy backyard when his parachute didn't open. What I found humorous about the tragic situation was how Marcy reacted and how Al dressed up as Santa to show the neighborhood kids that Santa was alright, even though he wasn't. Then at the end of the episode, you almost feel sorry for the Bundy's when the owner of the mall stops by to bribe them to tell the neighborhood kids that Santa was alright, only to rip up the envelope after hearing that Al already reassured the kids. What I liked about that situation was how Al and rest of the Bundy's got the last laugh in that situation when Santa's bag of gift certificates falls off the roof and went to the mall to spend the certificates.

    In all, thought that "You Better Watch Out" was a real good Christmas episode of a twisted Christmas that only "Married...with Children" can do.
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