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Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino) have been inseparable since they met six years ago. After a romantic island vacation, Jake plans to ask Annie to marry but Annie is upset that Jake didn't produce the ring while in paradise. With the moment ruined, they decide to wait on an engagement until the moment is perfect. But as everyone knows, when you want things to go right - they don't. The romantic comedy Marry Me is executive produced by creator David Caspe, Seth Gordon, Jamie Tarses, Moses Port and David Guarascio.


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    • Umaired episodes

      There were 18 episodes produced, and the last four aired recently in the UK. I will provide links to all 4 shows so you can view them.


      In show 18, it is revealed that Annie is actually Canadian and since she has to pass a citizenship test, she puts Jake in charge of setting up their wedding. Jake discovers that due to Annie being so busy, they've lost their venue so he goes about working with the woman who took their venue, to get it back. Turns out it's a lady wanting to marry herself! Jake helps her set up her wedding and spends a day doing that. Then he learns that Annie failed the citizenship test. She's going to be deported in 2 days. But Jake has his new-found wedding planner skills, so in one day he sets up everything so he and Anne can get married, and at the end of the show, they do. Happy Ending!

      I'll post viewing links to the last 4 shows here later today.

      Titles of remaining shows:

      15. Date Me

      16. Mom Me

      17. Wake Me

      Annie hears that her ex-boyfriend Lee is in a coma and realises he will never find out she's engaged to somebody else. Kay sends heartfelt final messages to the gang when turbulence hits her flight.

      18. Surprise Me

      Annie discovers that she was born in Canada and is not a US citizen. As her family and friends help her to revise for a citizenship test, Jake takes over responsibility for planning their wedding.moreless
    • so.. has this been cancelled?

      been seeing that episode 15 aired on E4 today in the UK but it's still not back here in the US... kind of makes me think NBC has cancelled this and just hasn't bothered to tell anybody yet.
    • Episode 15?

      I just noticed on a certain site that shall remain nameless that Marry Me episode 15 went up today??? It is listed as having only 14 episodes gives?
    • Great first episode, after than generally pleasant

      The first episode of this show was really funny, and throughout the season there were funny moments, but the series never quite got any momentum. I recall it came out about the same time as the similar A to Z, and at the beginning of the season I thought Marry Me was the better show, but as Marry Me continued its dopey girl and slightly-less-dopey guy schtick and A to Z developed its characters, my feelings reversed. Still, it was always pretty cute.moreless
    • It's not Happy Endings, but it's the next best thing!

      So far, I've really enjoyed this show!

      Just like with Happy Endings, each episode merits at least two viewings, because so many of the jokes are quick and subtle, and you're bound to miss a few of them the first time.

      Like with Happy Endings, the characters are all likeable, the dialogue is clever, the jokes are frequent, and the punchlines are unexpected.

      If my only options were Marry Me or Happy Endings, I'd choose Happy Endings, but in a Happy Endings-less world, Marry Me is one of my favorite sitcoms.moreless
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