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  • Season 1
    • Royal Foil / Flambe, Bombe / Jungle Fever
      Royal Foil :Mars and Maurice vacation in London, where Norman tricks them into helping him steal the crown jewels.

      SEBASTIAN:Flambe, Bombe :Superstar Sebastian rushes through New York trying to get to the Mervin Peevish center in time to host a variety show, and avoiding getting caught by Chef Louie. Originally a host sequence in "Raw Toonage".

      Jungle Fever:Mars tries to cure a sick Maurice, but keeps getting sneezed into the way of a refined lion.moreless
    • Cropsy Turvy / A Crabby Honeymoon / Safari So Good
      Cropsy Turvy : Mars scares his friends with campfire stories of the monstrous Cropsy, but finds that he's wrong when he meets the real Cropsy.

      SEBASTIAN:A Crabby Honeymoon: Sebastian gets mixed up in the problems of a newlywed couple staying at his hotel.

      Safari So Good: Norman's Aunt pays a visit and takes an immediate liking to Mars.moreless
    • A Spotless Record / A Boy and His Crab / Mars vs. Man
      A Spotless Record : Mars loses his spots from eating bad fruit. A reluctant Stewart knows how to cure him. SEBASTIAN:A Boy and His Crab : Sebastian waits out Crab Season by being the pet of a boy who thinks he's a dog. Mars vs. Man: Foreman Norman uproots Mars's tree to make space for his condominiums, but Mars squats in one of them.moreless
    • Thorn O' Plenty / Basic Insting / Witch Doctor is Which?
      Thorn O' Plenty :Mars pulls a thorn out of Eduardo's paw, and so the leopard now feels he must save Mars's life before he can eat him. SEBASTIAN:Basic Insting:Sebastian unknowingly gets a fishhook tangled on his back, and a near-sighted female scorpion falls in love with him. Witch Doctor is Which?:Witch Doctor Norman places a series of curses on Mars so that he instead of Mars will be the happiest person in the jungle.moreless
    • Hey, Hey!, They're the Monkeys! / Jingle Bells, Something Smells / Prime Mates Forever
      Hey, Hey!, They're the Monkeys!:A trio of thuggish baby monkeys abandoned by a circus clown rob Mars of his nest. Jingle Bells, Something Smells :Meat's smelly sock fells Santa Claus, and now the cat and dog must drive the sleigh in his place. Prime Mates Forever:Mars helps Maurice try to romance a tough female gorilla.moreless
    • Steamboat Mars / Something Fishy / Someone's in the Kitchen with Mars
      Steamboat Mars: Norman tries to smuggle a rare bird out of the jungle by transporting it in his steamboat. But he runs into Mars fishing for piranhas. Something Fishy: The pet fish learns how to make itself evolve, and turns into a giant monster that terrorizes Shnookums and Meat. Someone's in the Kitchen with Mars: Chef Norman steals Mars and Maurice's big basket of fruit. But Mars and Maurice track him to the hotel kitchen.moreless
    • Mars' Problem Pachyderm / Night of the Living Shnookums / Marsupilami Meets Dr. Normanstein
      Mars' Problem Pachyderm:Mars tries to cure the many phobias of his friend Stewart, the whiny elephant. Night of the Living Shnookums:On a stormy night, Meat thinks he's killed Shnookums! But it's not the last he's seen of the cat.  Marsupilami Meets Dr. Normanstein:Mars and Maurice take refuge from a rainstorm in the home of Dr. Norman-stein, who wants to use Maurice's brain for his monster.moreless
    • Toucan Always Get What You Want / I.Q. You, Too / A Fear of Kites
      Toucan Always Get What You Want: Mars protects a baby toucan from Eduardo and tries to teach it how to fly. I.Q. You, Too: The cat and dog use brain-enhancing devices to come up with evermore violent pranks to commit against each other. A Fear of Kites: Mars and Maurice's kite gets tangled up on the hotel rooftop. But bellhop Norman won't let them inside to retrieve it.moreless
    • Mar-Sup-Du-Jour / Kung-Fu Kitty / Romancing the Clone
      Mar-Sup-Du-Jour:Mars first meets Eduardo, a Spanish leopard who wants to eat Mars. Kung-Fu Kitty:Shnookums the cat is alarmed when his owners buy a guarddog named Meat. But he learns kung-fu to defend himself. The premiere short. Romancing the Clone:Norman dresses up as a female marsupilami to deceive a tourist that's trying to take a picture of a marsupilami. But Mars falls in love with Norman.moreless
    • Wizard of Mars / TV Jeebies / The Puck Stops Here
      Wizard of Mars: A strong windstorm blows Mars all the way to the land of Oz, with Maurice playing a composite of the scarecrow, tinman, and cowardly lion, and Norman playing the wicked witch.

      SEBASTIAN: TV Jeebies: A TV executive keeps casting Sebastian and Chef Louie in various different TV pilots.

      The Puck Stops Here: Norman uses the hotel air conditioning system to freeze the lake, and then challenges Mars to a game of hockey.moreless

    • Hole in Mars / Crab Scouts / The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre
      Hole in Mars:Golfing expert Norman challengs Mars to a betting game of golf, and regrets it. SEBASTIAN:Crab Scouts:Sebastian takes the Crab Scouts on a hike, always stressing the value of the Crab Scout Manual. The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre:Norman spies on Mars and Maurice planing to go on a treasure hunt, and worms his way into joining them.moreless
    • Normzan of the Jungle / Room Service / Bath Time for Maurice
      Normzan of the Jungle: Norman learns hypnosis and intends to use it to control all the jungle animals as Normzan. He hypnotizes Maurice to make him his sidekick.

      SEBASTIAN: Room Service: Hotel Clerk Sebastian has to keep everything quiet for guest Chef Louie, who's at the breaking point because of a failed restaurant opening.

      Bath Time for Maurice: Mars has to go through a lot of trouble to get filthy Maurice to take abath.moreless
    • Working Class Mars / King of the Beach / The Hairy Ape
      Working Class Mars: Corporate head Norman hires Mars and Maurice as office workers, to his regret.

      SEBASTIAN: King of the Beach: Lifeguard Sebastian tries to kick out a seagull that's made her nest in his lifeguard chair.

      The Hairy Ape: Norman traps Maurice to take to the zoo, telling Mars that he's taking him to a party. But now Mars wants to go, too.moreless