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  • Easily forgotten, but a classic in my mind...

    Marsupilami was a Disney cartoon that followed the basic Disney cartoon structure of the 90's. You have your main character who is a one of a kind animal called a marsupilami. He's lika a monkey with cheetah skin and an incredibly long tail that can do lot's of stuff (which also seems to change size for the animators sake). Then there's a big fat mean guy who wants to destroy his home for some reason... in every episode. There's really no more to it other than that. It fit the Disney format so there was familiar sounds and music, and familiar plots. But the main thing to remember that despite all it's likenesses to other shows, it was different, and there were original characters. It wasn't just another adaptation of Disney villain "Pete" messing stuff up for the main character. While a lot of shows like this have another show hidden in between the main show, Marsupilami did too. The middle toon would sometimes feature Sebastian from the Little Mermaid! Woa!! Now that was the best part of Marsupilami. Sebastian would always somehow meet up with the evil chef that tries to cook him. There was even a short time where Pizza Hut promoted the show with their Personal Pan Kid's Meals. While it might not have been a huge change of pace, or a huge hit for Disney, I was watching and I liked it. I gave it an 8 for great original characters, and Sebastian cartoons.