Martha Speaks

Season 2 Episode 1

Martha's Chair/ TD the Pack Rat

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 14, 2009 on PBS

Episode Recap

Martha's Chair: Martha wakes up to find that it has been exactly one year since the Lorraines adopted her (a day treated like her birthday). She spends the day doing things that she loves, such as visiting the doggie spa and eating treats. Finally, her family presented her with one final gift: a new bed to replace the "ratty" chair she has been previously sleeping on. Martha is a little upset because she has grown fond of that chair, but out of gratitude and politeness, she decides to try it out for one night. In the morning, Martha tells everybody she slept well, but she actually did not. Her family figures this out and would like to give her the chair back, but they had already donated. Fortunately, Mrs. Demson, the old women who is a neighbor of theirs, purchased the chair as wedding present for her niece. Unfortunately, she is not so willing to give it back when she finds out that an identical chair was appraised for $10,000! However, she later discovers that the chair was simply a knock-off and was not worth very much to anybody except for Martha. Mrs. Demson then returns it to her in exchange for cab fare. Martha is happy again. TD the Pack Rat: Nearly everybody in Wagstaff City is hosting a yard sale today in order to unload any clutter in their houses. TD especially likes this day and buys everything that he sees and likes, which is so much stuff that he needs a wagon to carry it. At his own sale, Helen's grandfather comes to buy a few things, but TD talks him out of it because he doesn't want to part with any of his things. His mother, Janice Kenelly, is concerned that he is becoming a real pack rat and tells him of all the problems associated with having too much clutter, such as not being able to get out his room easily. Afterwards, TD still doesn't want to give up any of his clutter. Eventually they come to a consensus: He can keep everything he has if he promises not to bring anything else home. Later, while TD is walking to school, he spots a wonderful rock that he feels he must have! He wants to keep his promise and tries to ignore it during school, but it is all he can think about. TD goes back ofr it after and school and attempts to sneak it home, but his mother finds out and makes him give away half of his treasures! TD is sad as he brings his stuff to the dump, but is cheered up when he finds out all of it can be salvaged instead of thrown away. Even better, it turns out that a cloth he has purchased at one of the yard sales was actually the long-lost city flag! He returns it to its rightful place and gets a plaque with his name on it in a museum. TD is very proud that he donated his stuff to the salvage dump and goes back there to rearrange it to look like his room!
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