Martha Speaks

Season 2 Episode 1

Martha's Chair/ TD the Pack Rat

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 14, 2009 on PBS

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  • Good opening for the second season!

    This is my first time reviewing and episode of "Martha Speaks", but I will try to do the best that I can. These episodes have showed me that one man's trash (or dog's trash) can be another man's treasure!

    Martha's Chair: It's Martha's birthday (the day she was brought home from the animal shelter) and her family got her a new bed as a present so she would not have to sleep on that "ratty" chair ever again. Well, it wasn't ratty to Martha! She really wants her chair back, but the Lorraines have already donated it! Can they get it back? This episode, as sad as it seems, did have a few funny parts. I liked the mention of "Antiques Roadshow", another show on PBS.

    TD the Pack Rat: TD has too much clutter in his room and refuses to get rid of any of it, much to his mom's dismay. They compromise and say that if he does not bring anyhting else home, he can keep everything he already has. Can TD keep that promise? I liked this episode because it gives us a better idea as to what TD's mother is like. I would reccomend these episodes to anybody who likes watching "Martha Speaks" or liked the book series.