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  • No title comment

    My ratings scale:

    Animation:7.6 it's at it's best

    Plot:7.4 well...

    Jokes:0.0 i don't think it's suppose to be comedy

    Humor:0.0 I don't think it's suppose to be comedy

    Comedy:0.0 not suppose to be

    Music:7.0 never heard any, but...

    Characters:8.0.2 no comment on them

    Movies:0.0 there none

    Theme song:8.0 probably sounds good

    Overall 8.5|8.4
  • One of the, if not, worst show I have ever seen.

    *facepalms* *shakes head in disbelief* I am so disappointed. This is an embarrassment to mankind. I have never seen such a bad show. A puppy ate ABC soup, and it went into her brain and nose. What the crap? It doesn't work like that, folks! I bet right now two parents are showing their kids this and looking at them happily watching it with rage. If my kid saw this come on, I would have spanked him or her, and put him or her in his or her's room. I have never seen such a failure, this show just sucks. Very badly.

    Why is the dog a female? I hate female dogs, female dogs even mean the B-word, one of the reasons why I hate them. And the male dog ate soup, but he didn't grow the ability to talk. That's just a big whopping pile of sexism right there. I really hope this show will end, I mean it's been on for five seasons and it just got renewed for a sixth season about four months ago, before the fifth season was like two months in airing. I have no idea why parents let their kids watch this horrible, awful, brain booming, pathetic, failure, sexist abomination. This show is awful, annoying, and I wish it died. All in all, this show gets no stars. I'm going to go watch some Family Guy to refresh my memory.
  • This is good

    I mean it. good 4 kids who have trouble with vocabulary
  • Jelly? What is Martha out for

  • The better of the PBS shows airing these days

    Martha Speaks is about a dog that eats alphabet soup. First off I've seen a lot of talking dog shows, but Martha Speaks is handled really well for what it is. It has good writing and the animation is okay. I know it's flash, but the flash animation is handled and stylized really well. The show has a good educational value and teaches vocabulary having a theme around every episode. It's sure to be fun for kids. Some adults might get a kick out of it as well.

  • so freakin cute..

    i love you martha you would be such a freakin cute fun talking dog.
  • Love Martha!!

    My six year old daughter's vocabulary using multi-syllable words has improved remarkable. I'll watch it with her occasionally and we'll just laugh and laugh.

    Great Show!!
  • Fun show for kids and adults alike.

    I had always enjoyed the "Martha Speaks" book series when I was a kid, so when I heard that it had graduated into a TV series, I naturally wanted to see how it turned out. Before watching an episode, I was afraid that they would stray from the books a lot, but I was wrong and pleasantly surprised! This is a very sweet show.

    Plotlines: Almost all, if not all of the stories are well thought out and have an easily identifiable beginning, climax, and ending. They are also imaginative and original, which is sure to enchant all who listen to them. Characters: The characters on the show, particularly Martha, are fun to watch and learn about. I like how they are all so well-rounded and they each have a purpose in the series. My favorite character other than the dogs is probably TD, because he has been the source of many a comical moment on the show.

    Educational Value: The writers do a fine job of incorporating new vocabulary words in every episode. It may annoy some people how the same words are used several times throughout the show, but I believe that is a good thing as it shows kids how they can use the words in real life. Arbitrary, consensus, and audible are examples of words they use on the show.

    Miscellaneous: - The animation and art is clear and consistent.
    - The voice actors are talented for their ages and the voices fit the characters.
    - Many times the episode contains a moral.

    Overall: I love watching "Martha Speaks" and I hope it continues to be as good as it is now.
  • good for little kids...

    Martha Speaks is about a dog that ate some alphabet soup & suddenly she could speak like a human. the show is really good for the teaches them vocabulary words that are useful & helpful life lessons. each ep is well wriiten. i'm 19 & i try to catch this show whenever it comes on. if your a parent with kids & they havent seen this show, then introduce this show to them. i guarentee they'll learn something. i hope 'Martha Speaks' lasts as long as 'Arthur.' this show is cool. this ends my reveiw on the show "Martha Speaks"
  • Best kids show since Arthur!

    This is a really great show! I would recommend it fo kids in fith grade or lower. I watch it even if it might be for the younger mind. I even learned some words myself like prejudice and enthusiastic. I watch this show after school and every morning when there is no school.(Goes great with a bowl of lucky charms.)I even suggest reading the book series. I love almost all the episodes. My most favorite however are Martha Hears, Martha Smells, and Virtually Martha. What will come next? Maybe plush toys, or episodes on DVD, and let's not forget a new season of episodes.