Martha Speaks

Weekdays 3:30 PM on PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • One of the, if not, worst show I have ever seen.

    *facepalms* *shakes head in disbelief* I am so disappointed. This is an embarrassment to mankind. I have never seen such a bad show. A puppy ate ABC soup, and it went into her brain and nose. What the crap? It doesn't work like that, folks! I bet right now two parents are showing their kids this and looking at them happily watching it with rage. If my kid saw this come on, I would have spanked him or her, and put him or her in his or her's room. I have never seen such a failure, this show just sucks. Very badly.

    Why is the dog a female? I hate female dogs, female dogs even mean the B-word, one of the reasons why I hate them. And the male dog ate soup, but he didn't grow the ability to talk. That's just a big whopping pile of sexism right there. I really hope this show will end, I mean it's been on for five seasons and it just got renewed for a sixth season about four months ago, before the fifth season was like two months in airing. I have no idea why parents let their kids watch this horrible, awful, brain booming, pathetic, failure, sexist abomination. This show is awful, annoying, and I wish it died. All in all, this show gets no stars. I'm going to go watch some Family Guy to refresh my memory.