Has Martha lost her mojo?

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    Is it just me-or does Martha allow her guess to do most of the work, when she used to show us how to create things?
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    I have to say I am a pretty big go-to guy when it comes to Martha. I'm a huge fan and even went to a recent event she held to meet her in person (I did, got 2 autographs, talked to her for a few minutes, a handshanke and a hug. The 'Good Things' event she held was beyond thrilling. If you ever want to chat Martha i'm always ready. Does she let her guests do most of the work? I'm gonna say she wants to let them have some experiecne because besides pushing their new project the guests are there to craft or cook or something. She's gonna wanna let them have the experience. I wouldn't say she's lost her mojo no. I think the having guests as the main stage is a little out of Martha's comfort zone so you may see a different side of martha than usual but I think she's doing just fine despite no Daytime Emmy Nods this year!
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    I think Martha is doing better than ever before. She is just trying to include the guest instead of doing it all herself. So she won't appear to be a know it all.

    Martha is kinder and more personable these days. I think she is great. I learn a lot by watching her show and I'm not young. You're never to old to learn something new.


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    You know, we can't all be pizzazy, bright eyed and bushy-tailed entertainers....Americans expect to constantly be entertained and for women on TV to be sexy and cute and funny and fabulous. She is not an entertainer. She is someone who learns about details of the beautiful and delicious tasting things around us. She went to prison and came out with a beautiful shawl for crying out loud - and never let that stop her from what she has always loved to do and does so well or she wouldn't be as successful as she is. Martha is always learning new things and sharing them with us - not trying to get everyone to look at her or like her, but to look at whatever she is sharing with us to learn. Being an entertainer is not Martha's style although she is a wonderful hostess and tries very hard to find ways to keep party guests surprised and thrilled. She is a teacher in that she has a constant interest in things around her and is always teaching and sharing whatever she learns about, introducing others to new faces, and new recipes, the history of things that she finds lovely or fascinating or worth collecting. She has a very New England personality for her generation and I respect that tremendously. This is not what the current generation is used to having grown up on Sesame St. and very flamboyant TV personalities so I am not surprised to hear griping about her personally. I appreciate how Martha is very focused on the topic at hand, whether it be a fabulous recipe or craft idea or historical facts about things Martha collects and shares with us. Martha allows the topic or the guest chef to be the center of our attention. When she prepares or makes things, she is like a very good teacher who does not dress or speak loudly or giggle and goof around to have everyone's attention on her. She remains focused on the topic she is sharing with us, in order to draw our attention to it, and not to herself, so we can learn something new instead of wasting time being judgemental towards her - that's a good thing. Please allow a woman to be successful in this world without having to be sexy or always be entertaining and pizzazy. Martha has a brain and is enthusiastic of the ideas and beauty and design around her which she shares with us. Where is the crime here? That IS a good thing. Thank you, Martha, for all the lovely and interesting things you have shared with us over the years, on your show and in your magazines and books. You are unique, unlike anyone else, and you are very true to yourself. You are what really makes America great - we are not all cookie cutter sheep and barbie and ken dolls, we are all different, and we can all bring something unique to the table if we have the courage and integrity to believe in ourselves and to share with others. Martha, you are a true American icon and one of my heroes. You are like a younger version of Julia Childs. I am so glad you are still around and finding new things to share with us all the time!

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