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(ended 2004)


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  • This was a usual show on various things. Fashion,cokking and crafting.

    My first day of summer vacation I got up and turned on Marth Stewert Living. This was Tuesday,May 26,2007. She had a fashion designer on named Arnold Somebody. He was making the comment that in his spare time he teaches adults to read. The ones that teachers push on so they won't get a 'black mark' against them. Well,as a teacher,I was appauled by the that comment. He obviosly feels he is much greater than he probably is. I have never pushed a student through. What is the'black mark' he is talking about? Oh,I just got back from working at school for 4 hours(no pay) to help with a Summer School Program we have for the kids. I also bought over $100.00 worth of prizes for this.