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(ended 2004)


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  • Even though Martha has great guests and Musicians (the only saving grace of the show) Martha is dry uninspiring and just plain boring. Perhaps she should have stayed in prison.

    I am still unclear how someone who has no personality to speak of has become a TV personality. Martha Stewart is not a very good talk show host and the "ideas" she presents on her show are as old as the hills. Most of her guests are interesting and perhaps that would be a reason to watch, but, Martha is just plain boring (did I already say that). How in the world can people who have been felons become or stay famous. Are Americans that stupid? I find Martha personally offensive when she cannot let her guests recieve applause as she shouts ovver the audience during her monologs, it's as if she can't allow other's to recieve recognition. If you have to watch this show fine but PBS has a great show called Americas Test Kitchen that has real cooks and consumer information that will help you. Martha is just plain boring!(did I already say that)
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