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  • Fabulous show!

    Very good show...very helpful for kitchen: recipes, how-tos, equipment to use, new tools, new foods and spices; seasonal: when to plant, when to visit places, things happening in New York City and throughout the United States; informational: video segments on artisans, special places like Thomas Jefferson's home; organizational tips and household tips: how to make a bed, how to do laundry, how to make a office work area at home; top guests: first place I saw DIVO, fun to see movie starts cook, do crafts, garden, or answer questions about their latest project; new gadgets and appliances: up-to-date on new gadgetry; pet information; healthy living: beauty and makeup tips, exercises. Have watched every show from its inception - top entertainment value!
  • "Martha," sad to say, is a huge disappointment. In comparing this show with her old show, "Martha Stewart Living," there is simply no comparison in the show's contents nor in its host. This show should have been left on the drawing board.

    "Martha," sad to say, is a huge disappointment. In comparing this show with her old show, "Martha Stewart Living," there is simply no comparison in the show's contents nor in its host. This show should have been left on the drawing board. Martha is clearly not intent on being a host; she insists on being a star. She interrupts guests frequently, ignores others, and bluntly cuts off still others. The ideas are good; the host is the problem. Martha simply lacks the personality to interact well with her guests. On one episode, she barely allowed the woman to speak. The guest who followed was a man who offered her some free plants, and she perked up immediately but only temporarily. If someone else with a better personality, suited more to the average viewer, were to take the helm of this show, I believe it would be a top-rated one. However, Martha seems only remotely interested herself, giving a distinct impression that this show is beneath her, and it doesn't wash. I will spend my time watching something more worthwhile, such as Rachael Ray's freshness, which is more appealing, and tune out Martha immediately. Finally, Martha isn't hungry anymore. When she first started out,she aimed for success because she wanted it. Now, she has done everything, and she is no longer hungry. It shows. *Yawn*
  • It's great way to learn new things.

    Everyone loves Martha ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Her new show is great, my impression is "Why so Long" ? After all this time... Martha has created a show for everyone to decorate and make simple thing in life ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! All of her shows include guest and comedy(sometimes). The only problem I have is that Martha isn't funny ! ! ! ! ! ! ! But the show isn't about comedy and it's good to have ideas from Martha right ? !
  • Informative new show for people who grew up watching Martha.

    Im so glad Martha is back on tv! I personally dont like the talk show format, I prefered going into Martha's home and huge garden! The new show is great because it simplifies ideas, and uses stuff thats actually easy to get a hold of. I also love the pet sections, I want her dog!! the pet collar that texts your phone. What a great use of my $.10 text message. Well I hope this show lasts, i love having Martha around, whenever I have nothing to do at 3 in the afternoon. I would love them to bring back the old format of Martha shows to basic cable too.
  • I really like Martha's new show.

    I really like Martha's new show. I never used to watch Martha Stewart Living. I found her too stuck up and the show was boring IMO. But this one, I really enjoy.

    I find that the things she teaches and talks about are much more do-able for me. The craft projects are different and original. I find that she has much better and entertaining guest and the show has a lot of humor. I've found myself entertained, and liked how on the show's premiere, she made jokes about the fact that she was in jail.

    Great job with the show !!
  • Now this show Martha can do. Her monitone voice just comes off as pretetious which fits the show. I'm glad to see her back in this role.

    Now this show Martha can do. Her monitone voice just comes off as pretetious which fits the show. I'm glad to see her back in this role. As I've said Martha Stewart is good at certain things. Matching Donald Trump in a spin off of his series isn't one of them. This show is and i think most people that like these types of shows would like it and her on it. This show you really feel like she knows what she is talking about whether she does or not. It is all about perception and this show she can pull off pretty well.
  • Martha teaches the world to do \'good things\' in a world with too little beauty.

    Martha is always teaching me something new! I love watching Martha and reading her magazine. It\'s GENIUS!!! LONG LIVE MARTHA!!! and her ability to teach the like of me how to cook and prepare things beautifully. It\'s not just about the presentation, it\'s always lovely and i think it\'s always done in a nice way, not about being above it all and looking down on the lowly masses but just about good things and pretty things that appeal to the eye and tummy!
  • Come on, you know you want to give Martha another chance.

    I like Martha's new show better than her last. This show has a live audience, and guests who participate in cooking and craft activities with Martha.

    I love the theme song she chose, and I love the ask Martha segments.

    Overall if you are one who likes to learn about crafts, Home and gardening, and cooking, then you should check out this show. If not you probably wouldn't enjoy it.
  • It's there when you want to watch it.

    I don't watch it all the time but it keeps me busy when i really need something to watch. So it's an ok show to watch. Sometimes it will get a little bit boring but most of the time your like "oh cool, that looks yummmy!" Keep going Martha but watch out for those insider traders!
  • I'm so glad she back! Martha has always been, "A good thing".

    She is well educated, and proper. I learn something everyday that I can apply to my life. Often dreamed of having the knowledge to do half of what she is capable of doing. The crafts, the cooking, the guest. It's a great start to my day, an improvement to my home and recipe book.
  • Don't tell anyone I watch this.

    I must admit that I enjoy watching the show. It's not that I enjoy the content of the show and quite frankly I don't even like Martha Stewart. I only like to watch this show because it is fun to make fun of Martha and what she does. She provides people with useless pieces of information that they will never remember and always seems to give out some of her Martha Stewart line to the viewers at home. I don't watch this show regularly and maybe I just see all the bad ones but I doubt it. Martha has made herself popular be mastering the art of the fake laugh. Although I hope the show is cancelled I would also like to see it stick around so I can laugh at it.
  • Martha Stewart. Can you believe she just got out of Federal Prison and now she has her own TV show? Makes the mind wander as to what the world is coming to.

    I have seen Martha Stewart on various talk shows like the Ellen DeGeneres show. I can't believe that anyone would let her be on a show, much less....make her own show. How come all the criminals who don't have any money are scum bags and then Martha Stewart comes along and BAM....she is back in business. I guess we all should start doing white collar crime and then we might get some attention.
  • The domestic diva at her best....

    This show is a fun show. It has great segments that you can learn from and use in your everyday life. And of course it is hosted by the great Martha Stewart. I have been following her since her first PBS special and her first book. Her hints have become so useful in my household. And dont forget her great K-Mart products, good quality at a good price.....
  • Who thought of putting Martha in front of a live audience with quests she is expected to converse with. Way to unbelievable and far fetched for me.

    I wanted to see this show just because, well I think everyone was at least curious, maybe not everyone, but I was. I was shocked at my reaction. I usually don't like Martha Stewart, I find her shallow, condisending and self centered. However after watching the "softer side of Martha" I was just wishing for the other one back.

    At least when she was on Martha Stewart Living and she was the poster child for type A neurotic people and had no bones about it. However now she is still coming across as a type A personality that is struggling to be warm and fuzzy and it is just so akward to watch. She needs as much help as she needs to get seeming natually friendly and her set up is not helping her. There is no good way to stand or sit with a guest and have natural conversation. She is making no eye contact, and walking away in the middle of conversations.

    All in all, I think it is akward and hard to watch without wincing everyonce in a while. I mean who really talks about her home made cheese grater made from a sardine can, and microwaving apples in tupperware then turns around and has no idea what tatter tot are, it makes the first part of the conversation sound so fake.

    Her producers are doing a good job of making her over, she just not doing a good job being made over...
  • Too many other "talk shows" just like it are on or have already been cancelled...

    I have been a fan of Martha Stewart's since I first starting watching "Martha Stewart Living" in 1997. I enjoy that show and her magazine. This new "Martha" talk show is just not up to par. I don't think that it suits her and so many other celebrities have already tried and failed.. Not too many people are cut out to have a talk show. She doesn't seem to have chemistry with her guests and she seems to be cold. I found her cutting guests off even after asking them a question. The show just doesn't come together for me. I would rather watch "Barney" with my son.. And I am not fond of "Barney".. No offense Martha but I won't be watching this show.
  • Not Martha Stewart again!

    Here comes Martha. Fresh from jail and begining a new boring program. The show is called Martha. She spent a couple months in prison, but now she is ready to get back on TV. Let me just get to the bottom of this. The show sounds terrible. How come she does not want to just stay in her mansion with her millions of dollars and just leave us alone. I hope her new show gets cancelled fast. I say leave that ankle brace on her so she will never leave her mansion and try to make another show.