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  • Who thought of putting Martha in front of a live audience with quests she is expected to converse with. Way to unbelievable and far fetched for me.

    I wanted to see this show just because, well I think everyone was at least curious, maybe not everyone, but I was. I was shocked at my reaction. I usually don't like Martha Stewart, I find her shallow, condisending and self centered. However after watching the "softer side of Martha" I was just wishing for the other one back.

    At least when she was on Martha Stewart Living and she was the poster child for type A neurotic people and had no bones about it. However now she is still coming across as a type A personality that is struggling to be warm and fuzzy and it is just so akward to watch. She needs as much help as she needs to get seeming natually friendly and her set up is not helping her. There is no good way to stand or sit with a guest and have natural conversation. She is making no eye contact, and walking away in the middle of conversations.

    All in all, I think it is akward and hard to watch without wincing everyonce in a while. I mean who really talks about her home made cheese grater made from a sardine can, and microwaving apples in tupperware then turns around and has no idea what tatter tot are, it makes the first part of the conversation sound so fake.

    Her producers are doing a good job of making her over, she just not doing a good job being made over...