Season 1 Episode 129

Rob Estes and Orlando Jones

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 31, 2006 on

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  • What a great way to have a show all about "April Fools Day"

    This show had to take some time to think, write, and create the atmosphere of a show full of pranks for April Fools Day and to do it with a straight face and no laughing. I knew it was going to be a great episode when I saw Martha jumping from the balcony at the show's opening..then the "coming up next" segment clips that were too funny and especially the cooking lesson on how to "char" food...that was too funny..even cooking student Ashley had a look on her face and was taking notes, you could tell she wasn't expecting this....
  • The April Fools Show. I didn't always get to see Martha's old show, but I always tried to watch it on April Fools day as she always has a lot of fun poking at her own image.

    Marth's April Fools Show... I didn't always get to see Martha's old Living show, but I always tried to catch it on April Fools day, as she always has a lot of fun poking at her own image--and often does so even better than her critics ever could.

    The "Coming Up Later on Martha" segments were probably the best, including one on how to make your trash look nice, which featured a trash can full of beautifully wrapped trash!

    I suspect, though that a few viewers might go out looking for her new Glitter magazine and may even try glittering a chair, which turned out surprisingly nice!

    The Cooking School lesson on Charring things to a black crisp, with a sink full of dirty dishes and bugs rounded out the episode quite nicely!

    April Fools Day is a Good Thing!