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  • Reboot?

    It was a good show, for two seasons, but this show was overtruncated until it has been revealed that they were supporting Chuck Norris' acting career in "Walker Texas Ranger". This show does not need to support that show at all! Martial Law has to be independent, especially when it gets rebooted in the future!
  • I truly loved this show, it had great martial arts from a person you would think could not even lift a arm or leg and that is what made this show great, it was a sad day when they took it off the air after only two seasons.

    This show was a lot of fun to watch, to see an overweight person taking down the bad guys was a sight to see. Also a lot of action and martial arts which I loved dearly. I liked the first season better than the second because the brought in Arsino Hall for a lot more laughs and I do not know why they had to make all those other cast changes as well. Over all though I did watch both seasons because above everything else I truly loved the martial arts, action and comedy that this series had in it.
  • Something I enjoyed watching as a child

    I use to watch this when I was about 9, a few years once it had finished. I believe it was still shown on channel 5 and I made it a show I would watch weekly. I believe it was in the first few episodes was what caught my attention, I particularly remember a scene where one guy decides to take on Sammo, thinking he probably can't do the fighting moves and so the guy falls to the ground and obviously couldn't win, but also proving he thinks too highly of himself. Each week was filled with something action packed, and them chasing criminals. No one really knew Sammo's reason for being in America, until later in the show and all weren't expecting what he was looking for, but because they were his friends they stuck with him and helped him out. Sammo showed interesting wall climbing skills and amusing ways to fight another, but it was always made more interesting when you saw the bloopers to that episode at the end.
  • Nice one!

    I tuned in to 'Martial law' a few days ago on UK satellite TV. Well, I've never seen a 'police' series quite like it - it makes Hawaii 5-0 look positively archaic by comparison, Sammo,Grace and Company combine to offer a beautifully choreographed and seemingly non-stop sequence of action packed episodes (aided by some dazzling stunts and clever camerawork ) One can forgive the fact that the rest of the city police force appear to be surplus to requirements and that the plots are sparkling gems of improbability - the whole programme is propelled forward by an irresistible combination of incandescent martial arts skills, transcendental displays of the powers of deduction,coupled with what appears to be an undercurrent of good humour which is never far from the surface.This is a programme which is a fine example of the type of professionalism which maintains credibility but doesn't take itself too seriously.A first class example of comedy/action which is a sheer joy to watch, and mercifully free from cliches and stereotypes.Strongly recommended to those who want to enjoy themselves !
  • A classic cop show with kung-fu mixed in, nice.

    Its a shame Martial Law only lasted 2 years. It wasn't your routine cop show, it had a unique and interesting twist. The fight scenes were very well done and fun to wacth. The good guys were great and the villans were believeable and truly sinister. One episode I loved was the cross-over this show had with Walker Texas Ranger, those episodes were intense! This show was for the most part clean. It wasn't saturated with sex like most of the cop shows on TV. In two words it was family friendly, a term you can't always use with some of the shows on TV these days.
  • Brilliant show, enough said.

    This show was brilliant, highly entertaining and the outtakes at the end were also good to watch.

    It says that the show was cancelled because it was too expensive to produce for the amount it was making in viewers. That's the only good reason to cancel a show like this. It did seem like the show had a big budget, but I guess it had too big a budget for its target audience.

    Still it was a good show, I did think that the idea of Sammo having a son was a bit of stretch, not because of the idea of him having a son, but the idea of him having a problem child son, come on it's Sammo Law, it's never gonna happen. The only thing they got right about his son was his fighting ability.

    I didn't think the ending was good, but all the other episodes were very entertaining to watch.
  • Good show, too bad that it was overlooked by many.

    Martial Law was a pretty good show. It wasn't the greatest cop show on tv at the time, but it was definitely worth watching. The interaction between all of the characters was great. The action scenes were pretty good too. Like I said it definitely wasn't the greatest show around but if you happen to come across it in reruns, PLEASE give it a chance and watch. You won't regret it.
  • I love this show

    This was the GREATEST kung fu, karate, police series ever and they only played it 2 yrs. Grr...

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