Martial Law

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • Brilliant show, enough said.

    This show was brilliant, highly entertaining and the outtakes at the end were also good to watch.

    It says that the show was cancelled because it was too expensive to produce for the amount it was making in viewers. That's the only good reason to cancel a show like this. It did seem like the show had a big budget, but I guess it had too big a budget for its target audience.

    Still it was a good show, I did think that the idea of Sammo having a son was a bit of stretch, not because of the idea of him having a son, but the idea of him having a problem child son, come on it's Sammo Law, it's never gonna happen. The only thing they got right about his son was his fighting ability.

    I didn't think the ending was good, but all the other episodes were very entertaining to watch.