Martial Law

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • Something I enjoyed watching as a child

    I use to watch this when I was about 9, a few years once it had finished. I believe it was still shown on channel 5 and I made it a show I would watch weekly. I believe it was in the first few episodes was what caught my attention, I particularly remember a scene where one guy decides to take on Sammo, thinking he probably can't do the fighting moves and so the guy falls to the ground and obviously couldn't win, but also proving he thinks too highly of himself. Each week was filled with something action packed, and them chasing criminals. No one really knew Sammo's reason for being in America, until later in the show and all weren't expecting what he was looking for, but because they were his friends they stuck with him and helped him out. Sammo showed interesting wall climbing skills and amusing ways to fight another, but it was always made more interesting when you saw the bloopers to that episode at the end.