Martian Successor Nadesico

Season 1 Episode 18

Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2002 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • You learn a lot about Ruri's past during the course of this episode. You also learn that she is a princess.

  • Quotes

    • Ruri: And so, like a salmon returning to the stream in which it was spawned, I went back to the Nadesico and her complement of idiots and fools.

    • Ruri: Thank you, for letting me live.
      Scientist: It wasn't a hard thing to do.
      Ruri: However, as for everything else that you did to me…
      (Ruri slaps him)

    • Ruri: And what of the other children?
      Scientist: It's very tragic, but failures do happen.

    • Scientist: Humans learn too many unnecessary things. We only taught our children what they needed to know. We kept them from wasting their young minds with sports and games.

    • Ruri: I thought that genetic manipulation on humans was against the law.
      Scientist: There are always those too backwards to see the chosen path. Genetic splicing promised advanced intelligence, bodies free of disease, able to withstand the rigours of space travel. We knew these things were outlawed, but we believed the gains were worth the risks.

    • Chef: So what do you think of the house's specialty?
      Akito: Well, uh, I grew up on Mars so I can't say for sure, but-
      Ruri: It's bad.

    • Prospector: It's more than just an amusement park for children. Peaceland also has legalised gambling. That makes it the ideal vacation spot for all ages. More importantly, they also maintain the world's most discreet banking system, which specialises in money laundering. That makes it very popular with people who need to hide their extra income in order to avoid paying taxes.
      Yurika: You mean people like Nergal.
      Prospector: Well, let's just say that the Peace Bank and Nergal have had a few dealings over the years.

  • Notes

    • Ruri says 'idiot(s)' 4 times in this episode, and 'fools' once. She first learned the word 'baka' from her Japanese lessons as a child.

    • According to Omoikane, Ruri has asked the computer why she can't remember her past 1,257 times.

  • Allusions

    • Prospector: Peaceland is a country that is similar to Switzerland in that it is permanently neutral in all Earth policies
      Switzerland is well known for its neutral stance, as evidenced in conflicts such as World War II.