Martian Successor Nadesico

Season 1 Episode 11

Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2002 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

The Nadesico finds itself in trouble when they are taken down by a micro black hole from a new land-based Jovian cannon called the "walking stick". Now it is up to the Aestivalis pilots to reach the walking stick and destroy it before it recharges, but Akito fears that unless his colleagues can figure out the meaning of teamwork, the mission won't go well.moreless

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  • this episode is great

    this episode has what all fans of this series want more of the jovian technology a great song and possibly one of the only funny jokes that izumi makes but still this is a good episode and an all out good story aswell as being one of the first times that all of the pilots have been on the ground at the same time
Chisa Yokoyama

Chisa Yokoyama

Ryoko Subaru (Japanese version)

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant

Ryoko Subaru

Rob Mungle

Rob Mungle

Goat Hory

Kelly Manison

Kelly Manison

Haruka Minato

Miki Nagasawa

Miki Nagasawa

Izumi Maki (Japanese version)

Spike Spencer

Spike Spencer

Akito Tenkawa

John Swasey

John Swasey

Seiya Uribatake

Recurring Role

Marcy Rae

Marcy Rae

Ms Howmei

Recurring Role

John Gremillion

John Gremillion

Sadaaki Munetake

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The lyrics to The Aestivalis March

      we go climb over a moutain
      while we whistle about
      shoot out our arms and climb over the mountain
      hi-ho hi-ho
      just check out our aestivalis
      we go crossing rivers
      reaching out for one another
      lets all walk together through the minefield
      our aestivalis are invincible
      lets all walk together dig, dig, dig, dig
      our aestivalis are invincible
      lets all take a break now around a campfire
      just us friends around the fire together
      our aestivalis is a member of our team
      singing together we are the best of friends...

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Hikaru: This gives me a great idea for my next comic book!
      Izumi: It won't be another one of those guy-guy things, will it?

    • Akatsuki: Great work, everyone. And that even includes the anime fan.

    • Inez: I don't have all the data yet, but it's bad.
      Yurika: How bad?
      Inez: Well, very bad.

    • Munetake: Using tanks to protect the land approach is clever.
      Prospector: And it's brilliant economically.

    • (joking about the tank attack)
      Izumi: I had a little drink- and got tanked.

    • Akatsuki: You play the pitiful act well.
      Akito: And you're a jerk. Why do keep knocking my hobby?
      Akatsuki: Because I live in the real world, while you use anime as a substitute.

    • Akatsuki: Hey, break it up, you two. This is a daring military adventure we're trying to tell here, not a coming-of-age movie for teenagers. And I'd watch out for him anyway, Ryoko, he is an anime fan.
      Akito: And what does that mean?
      Akatsuki: Oh, come on. Everyone knows that in anime, the guys who act uninterested are really just trying to hide their own inadequacies.

    • Ryoko: Geez, I don't know what it is about you that drives me so nutty.
      Akito: Huh?
      Ryoko: I didn't meant nutty that way, so don't read anything into it, okay?

    • Akatsuki: All right kids, 45 minute break. Let's get some rest while Akito cooks.

    • Jun: Excuse me, why aren't you wearing one of these uniforms?
      Ruri: I'm too old to play dress-up.

    • Seiya: Oh, quit playing the martyr! What is it with you? It's just not fair!
      Maintenance crew: If you don't want them, give them to us! We're available!
      Ruri: I've said it before. All of them are idiots.

    • Ryoko: My god, is there a single female on this entire stupid ship who doesn't have a thing for you?

    • Akito: I'm trapped.
      Ryoko: Tenkawa!
      Akito: [starts praying] I'm sorry, God, I don't know why you're doing this. I swear I'll be a good person from now on, really!

    • (Megumi sends a transmission to Akito)
      Megumi: Don't worry. I'm using a private communication channel so no one can hear us. We really need to talk…(Megumi continues speaking whilst Akito deals with the pre-flight checks)…I know that this may be a little forward-sounding of me, but I've been thinking about this an awful lot, and I think I'm ready to advance our relationship to the next step.
      Akito: Uh, hold on a second, Megumi, I've got a priority message.
      Yurika: Akito?
      Akito: Yurika!
      Yurika: Oh, don't worry, Akito, I'm using a private communication channel so no one can hear us. Can we talk now?...[Yurika talks whilst Howmei unsuccessfully tries to get Akito's attention]…I hope that I'm not sounding too forward in saying this, Akito, but once you get back, I'm expecting that our relationship will-
      Akito: Will advance a lot farther, right?
      Yurika: Oh, Akito, I'm so happy to finally hear you say it!

    • Jun: Unfortunately our Aestivalis units won't stand a chance against that thing's defences.
      Prospector: The economic losses we'd sustain give me a headache.
      Erina: Our pilots would get worse than a headache.

    • Munetake: Three special demolition teams have already been sent in so far, but not a single person has yet returned.
      Prospector: What a waste of our resources.

    • Ruri: Is it any wonder this crew is getting all stressed out? I'm beginning to wonder if a lot of them aren't so much resilient as just incredibly dense.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Micro black holes were discussed as early as 1974 by scientist Steven Hawking. In anime, it was popularized by the 1989 series Gunbuster and also the Guyver manga series.

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