Martian Successor Nadesico

Season 1 Episode 12

Those Unforgettable Days

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2002 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

When the Nadesico's computer system malfunctions and starts attacking United Earth forces vessels, Admiral Munetake decides that the ship's memory banks should be wiped and reinstalled. Unwilling to see Omoikane (the ship's AI) and all its valuable data erased, Ruri enlists Akito's aid on a virtual reality mission to save Omoikane and keep its memory.moreless

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  • Those unforgettable episodes...for them I live

    This episode of Nadesico is very special as it reveals alot about the ships computer Omoikane. In it, it\'s resentment to the UEAF makes it attack the UEAF ships (which Nadesico has joined). So then they decide to destroy the memory of the computer.

    Akito, Ruri, Yurika and Uribatake (Seiya) then hack into the computer (with Akito in a cute Aestivalis getup with a small Ruri on his shoulder) and find where it keeps its memories. There they fix it.

    This episode had many funny moments, the funniest being when Jun received whiplash and started using baseball signals. This episode also had a very moving line.

    \"Those unforgettable days, for them I live\"

    I think that wraps it up.moreless
  • this episode is great

    this is my fave episode slightly since we get to see ruri loads and shes my fave charater but still this episode shows a side of ruri not seen in other episodes since she barely shows much emotion and this episode show that people cant easily be judged from the begging you have to get to know them
Chisa Yokoyama

Chisa Yokoyama

Ryoko Subaru (Japanese version)

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant

Ryoko Subaru

Rob Mungle

Rob Mungle

Goat Hory

Kelly Manison

Kelly Manison

Haruka Minato

Miki Nagasawa

Miki Nagasawa

Izumi Maki (Japanese version)

Spike Spencer

Spike Spencer

Akito Tenkawa

Jason Douglas (I)

Jason Douglas (I)


Guest Star

John Swasey

John Swasey

Seiya Uribatake

Recurring Role

Marcy Rae

Marcy Rae

Ms Howmei

Recurring Role

John Gremillion

John Gremillion

Sadaaki Munetake

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (16)

    • Omoikane's: (to Ruri) Those unforgettable days, for them I live.

    • Ruri: Mr Tenkawa, I think it's wonderful that you still have a child's sense of wonder.
      Akito: Do I? Well, you should know.
      Ruri: Yes, I would.

    • Yurika: Come on, Akito, you can defeat that Gekigangar piece of junk.
      Akito: What did you say!?

    • Ruri: (advising Omoikane) If you can learn to pretend to be a good and obedient child, you can still be true to yourself in your own heart.

    • Akito: But what about memories that become nightmares?
      Ruri: You can't get rid of them, but you can change them.

    • Akito: I didn't know that a ship could have a dream.
      Ruri: Aren't dreams made from pieces of memories? It's why they can't just be thrown away- why they must be cherished.

    • Seiya: Actually it's modeled after the central library at MIT, which rejected me seven times.

    • Ruri: Why is it that adults think that forgetting something is a solution? You can't just throw knowledge away.

    • Investigator: Attaching names to computers is an idiotic practice that ended in the twentieth century.

    • Seiya: I'm a womaniser and a deadbeat father, but I do my job damn well.

    • Inez: I'm sure that all those things must be insured, aren't they?
      Prospector: Of course they are. In point of fact, Nergal own the insurance companies. At least no one was killed so we won't have to worry about any wrongful death lawsuits! (Prospector starts crying)

    • Akatsuki: Well, I set a new fleet record with 78 units shot down. That includes friendly and enemy.
      Prospector: 62 were friendly.

    • Hikaru: I shot down fifty.
      Izumi: That's pretty sharp shooting, Hikaru.
      Hikaru: Well, yes, but…
      Ryoko: But what?
      Hikaru: Everything I shot down had a UEAF insignia on it.

    • Inez: He won't be able to speak normally for a while.
      Jun: (baseball signals, subtitled) Wonderful, I'll be without lines again.

    • Ryoko: At least we're only shooting at our own ships half the time!
      Izumi: Yes, I'm sure they appreciate that.

    • Admiral: Those damn slimy lizard-tailed bastards got us. I guess we're done for!
      Lieutenant: Um, sir, we were just shot by the Nadesico.
      Admiral: Huh? They what? Those bastards!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The Nadesico's defence computer is named Omoikane.

    • After episode 28, Gekigangar III became Gekigangar V. This means that Joe's death must have occurred around this episode. There is also a legendary unused transformation in which Gekigangar becomes Dragongangar.

    • Seiya has a boxed Star Trek model in his room- it appears to be the original U.S.S. Enterprise. He is also still working on the Yurika in rabbit costume figure started in Episode 7.


    • Uribatake: Actually it's modelled after the central library at MIT, which rejected me seven times.
      The Massachussetts Institute of Technology is a famous US science university.