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  • Any "journalists" left in the UK?

    Martin Bashir -- Just what America needs: another smug, self-righteous, condescending, patronizing, smarty pants left wing loon with a British accent. What is it about the US that attracts so many British liberals? Are things so hunky dory in England that these butt-in-skis feel compelled to cross the pond to pontificate on virtually everything? Didn't our ancestors fight a war so these people would leave us alone? The least this snarky snake Bashir could do is become a citizen before he goes shooting off his mouth about all the ills he perceives in America. On the bright side, his ratings are in the toilet and therefore in perfect alignment with the rest the program offerings from the liberal echo chamber known as MSNBC.
  • martin bashir

    in my opinion, there are some other journalists who would do a more commendable job than martin. your accent does not count as much in the world of politics especially when you and some of your guests continually bash mitt romney whats the real problem? yes, he certainly has to step up on some of the issues, i dont hear any of you criticizing obama as much. i will not name any of your guests but give the audience a break, is there not a code of ethics re what journalists can and cannot say without being taken to task?? totally not into you and your guests!!!!
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