Martin Chuzzlewit

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 1994 Unknown


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  • Season 1
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Jonas creates an elaborate alibi for his devious behavior and travels back to Wiltshire. It is discovered that Jonas might have been given a poison to speed his father's death. With Tom's help, Old Martin Chuzzlewit calls a family conference where he dispenses rewards to the good and metes out justice on the selfish and it is revealed his senility was an act. Old and young Martin are reunited.moreless
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      In Wiltshire, news of young Martin's purchase in the US reveals the property is a swamp and that he and Mark Tapley, after a long bout of illness are on their way home to England. The life insurance company tries to blackmail Jonas Chuzzlewit into investing more money in the business. Young Martin returns to Wiltshire and the wisdom gained from his experience asks forgiveness of his grandfather.moreless
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Jonas wants to buy life insurance for Mercy but, upon doing so is persuaded by the insurance company to become, a shareholder in the business. In Wiltshire Pecksniff, seeks to take advantage of an increasingly senile old Martin invites he and Mary to move in with him so that he can propose to Mary. Mary recognizes Pecksniff's motives and tries to thwart his efforts of manipulation.moreless
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Jonas organizes a lavish funeral for his father and is encouraged by Pecksniff to be more attentive to Charity. Instead, he proposes to Mercy, Pecksniff's younger daughter. Charity is humiliated by Jonas's deception and Mercy acceptance. Pecksniff must make things appear peaceful when houseguests arrive. Old Martin gives advice to anyone that will listen to marry for love and not money.moreless
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Young Martin is expelled from the Pecksniff household and resolves to seek his fortune in America. At a secret rendezvous Martin says a tearful farewell to his sweetheart Mary. Meanwhile Pecksniff's daughter Charity receives the attention of her cousin Jonas, son of Anthony Chuzzlewit old Martin's estranged brother, who is delighted by the money making opportunity but has his doubts too.moreless
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      The ailing old Martin Chuzzlewit finds himself surrounded by scheming relatives, all trying to get their hands on his wealth. They have learnt that his ward and grandson, young Martin Chuzzlewit, has been disinherited. Pecksniff, a cousin has plans to match one of his daughters with the young Martin but the young Martin has already made his matrimonial choice against the old man's wishes.moreless