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Creepy, but true! Martin Mystery is a dripping goo-fest of slime, thrills and laughs, starring Martin and Diana: two mismatched teenagers with hilariously opposite personalities, and Java the school janitor. They are on a mission to investigate the weirdest paranormal enigmas and the slimiest creatures from beyond! Commission by "The Center" – an undercover bureau specializing in mysterious phenomena – and with the help of Java, a massive caveman list in time, the team leap from their average school duties to eerie slime-dripping cave and lairs.
Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

Additional Voices

Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan

Diana Lombard

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

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Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha St. Germain

Additional Voices

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

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Sam Vincent

Sam Vincent

Martin Mystery, Billy

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  • Martin Mystery is an incredible show that blends elements from other cartoons and perfects them masterfully. An incredibly polished production.

    While the first two seasons had a few problems with the repetitiveness of the episodes, the thid season fixed all that and brought with it a plethora of new things that made this show seem fresh.

    Season 1

    The first season is very solid, presenting the lives of Martin, Diana and Java at Torrington Academy. Every episode in this season has the same continuity: the three friends (mostly Martin) have difficulties at school, they get called by the Center, they get a briefing from MOM (and Martin usually wrecks her office whenever they're summoned), they travel to places ranging from exotic isles to mountain lodges, they always solve the case, and in the end they solve whatever problems they had at the beginning of the episode.

    Martin and Diana often have bets and argue almost constantly in every episode. There are moments when the two stepsiblings mellow out and learn to appreciate each other more. Martin is a teenager bursting with energy who is constantly trying to tease his stepsister while Diana is more down-to-earth and serious. While Diana is preoccupied with school assignments, Martin is always trying to seduce girls (and fails miserably all the time). Martin also loves the paranormal while Diana tries to figure out a logical explanation for the oddities they encounter on their missions.

    It's nice having two characters with conflicting personalities in the spotlight, but Diana's lack of faith in the paranormal started to tick me off as the season progressed. After all the monsters they fought you would imagine Diana would be more open to paranormal theories.

    Billy, while generally entertaining, isn't exactly a very imaginative character. His design is quite boring and he needs more defining traits. MOM, on the other hand, is a great character: she's quite strict but it's always interesting to see her latest contraptions and machines (which Martin is bound to break sooner or later).

    A flaw in the first season (and to a lesser extent the second season) is that the episodes have the same structure, thus making the show seem more barren and straight-forward.

    The mysteries they solve in this season are great and very imaginative, however. There's actually quite a lot of interesting facts in these episodes that have something to do with real life legends and myths. For example, in one episode the gang is sent to a Chinese village where they stop the ressurection of an evil emperor. In another episode, they find a sea creature called Leviathan, who attacked innocent people because its treasure was looted.

    All in all, this is a good season. It has a few flaws but it's definitely something.


    Season 2

    This season is better than the first one in multiple ways. First off, the show becomes less repetitive: Martin and Diana stop having bets all the time and the way they are summoned to the Center is more creative.

    The episodes are also great and even more interesting than before. Billy's character is improved A LOT in the first two episodes of season 2. Towards the last episode, this season really hit the nail on the head by being more imaginative and less by the book.

    The creatures encountered by the group are also better by a longshot, ranging from your run-of-the-mill beast to evil mind-controlling creatures. The Vampire and the Djini are two really cool creatures and the episodes they appear in are some of this season's jewels.

    This season also features 2 two-parters: They Came from Outer Space and They Came from the Gateway. There's a disappointingly small number of episodes, however. The first season featured 26 episodes while this one only features 14 (with 2 two-parters).

    To sum things up, this season improves upon the foundation of the first one, but it still suffers from the set episode routine from the first season, albeit not as much. It also has too few episodes.


    Season 3

    This season completely revamps the series and makes Martin Mystery one of the best cartoons. It fixes technically everything from the first two seasons and introduces a refreshing amount of new elements to the show.

    The first major change is Billy's new identity: he acquires a human shell and can now hang with the rest of the team at Torrington Academy. This greatly improves his character as he goes on missions with Martin, Diana and Java. Also, the team no longer has to go to the Center for a briefing on their mission; they can just use Martin's new Mini Center Computer in his dorm room. This saves a lot of time for the action itself while showing more of Martin's life at Torrington. The protagonist hasn't changed much as he is still obsessed over girls and would do anything to get a date (from powerlifting to sculpture to hypnosis). He also finally gets a girlfriend (for two episodes) and furthers his relationship with Diana. Java is still the same, although he's less active on the field with Billy often taking his place.

    The monsters are great and the plots are better by a longshot. This time, most of the action takes place at Torrington, and the characters often get possessed or controlled by indirect means. It's definitely a step ahead from the previous seasons.

    One of the funniest aspects of this season is Martin and his elaborate dating schemes. They're so farfetched and hilarious! I couldn't help it but feel like there was a more prominent rift between Diana and Martin in this season, specifically towards the end. They seem to interact less, which is partly because they each found new interests.

    To conclude, this season really has no apparent flaws. Everything from characters to execution is flawless, the animation is better, the plots are more intricate and there is more attention to details. The humor is also amazing, making this the wildest and most likeable season of the show.


    Overall, Martin Mystery is a very solid show with great animation and great episodes. There were some issues at first, but the producers rectified them and brought to us one of the best cartoons to air on TV.

    Overall score: 9moreless
  • GIVE MARTIN MYSTERY BACK AND COMPLETE IT...............................................................

    Martin Mystery must be the best show created by Marathon animations. The plots are awesome! And also Martin's gadgets are way better than Totally Spies. And the U-Watch is amazing. I really like the animation. And the graphics are almost 3-D. And the Center is cool because it also have agents from other planets. Also i don't know why it ended so fast. It truly was a great show loved by really want the show and complete it.............................................................................moreless
  • "Martin Mystery is one of the Best Cartoon Series Ever" which i don't forget to Mention.

    I don't care what few Critics say about this Show but I Love this Show so much that i have saw each and every episodes of Martin Mystery.

    And i even have downloaded almost all the shows to my Laptop & Smartphone.

    I'm waiting for the new Season of Martin Mystery & also waiting for a Movie in the Future...
  • Martin mystery was the best tv show ive seen

    They should bring back martin mystery cuz i want to see what happens on the next episode and it was just getting good to

  • Its a shame when they dont give cartoons a chance

    I cant believe that they took off all of the good cartoons like,martin mystery, totally spies, totally loved the shows, please bring them back, they are better than some that is on tv right now, even if you add them to boomerang

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