Martin Mystery

Season 3 Episode 18

All I Want for X-Mas

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jan 29, 2006 on YTV
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All I Want for X-Mas
Diana's eager to get home before paranormal weirdness ruins another Christmas though Martin wouldn't mind a bit of weirdness. It looks like Java's going to be stuck alone in the empty school for Christmas when Martin and Diana get a call from their Dad. He's on an expedition to the North Pole and trapped by a blizzard so he won't be home for Christmas. Diana's sorry to hear that but gets much sorrier when Dad tells her that he and their mother think it would be best for them to stay in Torrington for Xmas (no explanation why their mother would rather spend Christmas alone rather than with Martin & Diana). Java's happy for the company but Martin and Diana are gloomy about being the only teenagers left in the school. Then MOM calls to invite them to attend the Center's Christmas Party (or else) which is a welcome distraction but Martin has to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Unfortunately the presents he gets are cursed by an evil elf who was kicked out of Santa's workshop and delights in ruining Christmas for others. Martin's gifts give the peace and quiet loving Diana huge ears that are very sensitive to noise, cause Mom who hates Christmas music to sing everything she says as a Christmas carol, make the white Christmas loving Java melt snow and fulfill Billy's wish to spend more time with Martin by fusing them together. To make matters worse after distributing 100 cursed gifts (which he's almost done) the elf will disappear at midnight for 100 years making the curses irreversible. Time is running out for Martin to undo the damage he's caused before it's too late and this becomes the worst Christmas ever!moreless
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  • This one had quite a nice adventure and unusual plot for sure!

    As much as I admire this episode, I'd still prefer the first Christmas special. I mean this one is ofcourse awesome too, but there's just something that doesn't make it as catchy as the previous. Well first off, the title was a bit silly from my point of view. You would expect something like "The Curse of Christmas" or "Terror of Nightmare Christmas" not something like "All I Want for Christmas" because it just doesn't feel as creepy :S But I guess they just wanted a different type of name for it. Also the JingleJim or MijElgnij elf thing was a bit strange, and not much of an enemy, it didn't even get mentioned why he didn't want anymore X-mas? But even so, it was still a great episode and a nice one to watch on a holiday.moreless

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    • Billy: (in an elf costume) Hey Marty. What do you think?
      Martin: (laughs hysterically) Somebody call Santa, I think he'd lost a helper!
      Diana: I think it's cute, Billy.
      Billy: Cute enough to meet me under the mistletoe later?
      Diana: Sorry, not that cute.
      Billy: Huh, can't blame a guy for trying.

    • Billy: Ooh, can I go, too?
      Martin: Don't think we have much of a choice there, Billy.
      Billy: Whoopee!
      Diana: Not so loud!
      Billy: Oh, sorry.

    • Diana: Hurry up, Martin, time's a wasting!
      Martin: What's the rush, Di, and why do you need so many bags?
      Diana: I didn't have to decide what to bring, so I just packed everything.
      Martin: No wonder these are so heavy. It's her entire dorm room.

    • Diana: Martin, what have you done to us?!
      Martin: I didn't do anything! It must have been the presents!
      Diana: Obviously, you're the only that didn't open one and you're perfectly fine.
      Martin: Fine? In case you hadn't noticed, there's an alien stuck to my back.

    • Elf: No more Merry Christmas, no more Happy Holidays. This year, this celebration ends.

    • Diana: Don't tell me, you forgot to do your Christmas shopping again.
      Martin: I always wait to the last minute. It's a tradition.

    • Martin: (answers U-Watch) Hey M.O.M., what's up?
      M.O.M.: (singing in tune of Jingle Bells) We found some new info, about the Jingle Jim. And when it strikes midnight, he will disappear. A hundred years will pass until he does return. So if you don't find him in time, we'll stay like this for good!
      Java: Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells... (Martin and Diana looked at Java; annoyed) Sorry.
      Billy: Oh, this is bad! This is very bad! I like you, Martin. But I can't stay like this forever!
      M.O.M.: (singing in tune of Twelve Days of Christmas, Five Golden Rings part) Find the elf or else!
      Billy: Boy, I'd never seen M.O.M. so angry.

    • Billy: M.O.M., is everything okay? You haven't said...ur sang a word.
      M.O.M.: (singing in tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas) I won't speak unless I have to, I won't speak unless I have to, I won't speak unless I have to, don't ask me again. (points the gang to the portal opening)

    • MOM: Now then, Billy, what's next on the agenda?
      Billy: The fruitcake eating contest.
      MOM: Excellent, I'll go get the chainsaw!

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