Martin Mystery

Season 3 Episode 5

Attack Of The Lawn Gnomes

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Oct 10, 2005 on YTV

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  • When Lawn Gnomes attack.

    What I really love about this episode is when Billy has a little crush on Tricia, how adorable is that. Of course the real reason he liked-like her because she was a gnome, I guess it's because he's small. But I'm glad that Tricia likes him even though she has no idea he's really a small, green alien in disguise. I know he's an alien and doesn't know much about earth courtship, but he is a fast learner and I think he has better relationships with girls than Martin Mystery (sorry about that Martin), example; in "Revenge of the Doopleganger" he shows Martin, Diana, and Java a picture of him and other female aliens when he was a supermodel, "Shriek from the Forest" he was talking to a female Center Agent, and finally in "Curse of the Looking Glass" Billy says he likes Darla the way she is and tells her that if anyone wouldn't want to go out with her is crazy. I wonder he would like Britney (from Totally Spies) if they met for the first time?
  • This episode had an unusual plot but still was great!

    This episode was so good!I must admit I never thought I like it.I saw the title of the episode and laughed.Then I was about to watch it and expected not to enjoy it.After I watched I was simply amazed at how good it was!I was getting into it alot!Even the gnomes were shocking,because they were evil!The only part that never amazed me was Martin being Maggie,because I knew it from the beginning.Billy was so awesome in this episode!Especially when he was annoying MOM!Trisha was the only one I didn't like!She stole my Billy!I guess I better end my review here.This episode deserves a 10/10 for surprising me and being terribly exciting!