Martin Mystery

Season 1 Episode 18

Beast From Within

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Apr 20, 2004 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Beast From Within
A mysterious power outage at the center causes a creature to escape and now MOM is extremely worried. The creature that escaped was Gastromo, the first creature MOM ever caught. When the agents go and search for him, he attaches to one of the agents and takes control and is off to the Center to get his revenge on MOM.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • How come no one, besides MOM, was in the Centre when Diana and Java arrived? usually there are dozens of supernatural things and Centre agents everywhere.
      Editor Note - Because they portalled directly into MOM's office rather than arriving in the main hall. Which seems to indicate a fairly major flaw in Center security if anyone who can get a watch from an agent can bypass security scanning and open a portal to anywhere in the complex

      How did MOM and Gastromo-Martin managed to return to the office? if you looked at MOM's wrists you would notice she wasn't wearing a U-watch or an Ultra U-watch, and since there were no Centre agents (or Billy) at the Center how did they managed to get back into the Centre if no one was able to open a portal for them? and since Gastromo had dropped Martin's U-watch when he was wrestling with Java he couldn't open a portal to the Centre either.
      Editor Note - If you recheck the episode Gastromo-Martin opened the portal from Torrington to MOM's office before he fought Java and dropped the watch

    • One of the monsters shown at the beginning of the episode is the one from "Curse of the Necklace", Carlin. If you've seen the show, then you'll find out that the form she is given is the form of the customer who bought the necklace Carlin was trapped in, when she actually is gray and looks like a corny Hollows Eve mask.

    • If the U-watch can open portals into Centre why do they always have to find the hidden portals Centre sets up when they're paged instead of creating their own? For that matter when they were stuck in the Leviathan's stomach and Billy was able to pop in and out via a portal and they actually asked him to take them with him (which he couldn't) why didn't they just use Martin's watch to create their own portal and escape that way rather than use their remaining air making the monster sneeze?

    • How did Diana and Java escape those cocoons Gastromo stuck them in and free Jenny? In one scene Java can't break Jenny's cocoon then they get sprayed. Next Diana's shouting the cocoons are contracting and going to crush them, Java manages to break free but gets knocked down and sprayed with a thicker cocoon and glued to the floor. Next scene Diana and Java are somehow free and looking after Jenny with no explanation. Huh?

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Diana & Java arrived in M.O.M.'s office)
      Diana: M.O.M.! Gastromo got Martin and turned him into a weird slug creature, we've got to do something!
      (shows M.O.M. possessed by Gastromo with worms crawling under her skin)
      M.O.M.: (turns to Diana & Java, they looked shocked) I'd appreciate your concern, but I wouldn't worry about Martin. I'd worry about yourself! (laughs evilly)

    • Martin: (after getting undercooked sausages) Ew! These are seriously undercooked. I can't eat them.
      Java: Sorry, Martin.

    • Java: (after seeing M.O.M. possessed by Gastromo) He got M.O.M.!
      Diana: No, it got M.O.M.!

    • Diana: There's no sign of Gastromo anywhere.
      Martin: It probably transformed into a free floating vapor and escaped through an air vent.
      Diana: Which movie did you steal that idea from?
      Martin: I don't get all my ideas from movies, you know. Some of them I get from comic books.

    • Billy: Well, it seems that Gastromo has completely disappeared.
      Martin: Definitely a floating vapor.
      Diana: Yeah, just like your brain.

    • Diana: (after Martin eats a raw stake) What's wrong with you? Did you forget to eat this week?
      Martin: No, it's funny, I just had a sudden craving for raw meat.
      Diana: Huh?

    • Java: Martin not such gentleman without Gastromo inside.

    • Diana: Look at all the crumbs. It's like the creature ate the meteorites. Why would it do that?
      Martin: Let's just get out of here. We're not gonna find anything now.
      Diana: Is there something wrong? Usually by now, you would had 10 theories about the creature.

    • Diana: I'm trying to balance my schedule, but between my chemistry project, the 3 chapters of Latin I wanna read, and our work for the Center, I don't know how I'm gonna...
      Martin: I had the wildest dream last night!
      Diana: What's that got to do with my schedule?

    • M.O.M.: (after being told a detail about Gastromo) Wait, there's something important I must tell you!

    • Martin: What's the rush, sis?
      Diana: There was something in the chemistry lab and I think it was Gastromo!
      Martin: Really?

    • Diana: Oh, I should have seen the signs. Martin ate a raw steak, which is full of iron, and the meteorites, they're full of iron-based rock. And what was he doing in the hallway after school, anyway? It's the last place you would find him.

    • Martin: Excuse me, sir. Have you seen Gastromo?
      Werewolf: Roarrr!!
      Martin: Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

  • NOTES (0)