Martin Mystery

YTV (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • It's Alive (Part 2)
      It turns out that the CIHL was made to create a supermonster to get revenge on the Center. This operation was lead by Octavia Paine, a center agent with a poor evaluation. After disagreeing with the Dean (Octavia Paine), Diana gets mutated as one of Octavia's mutating agents, and it's up to MD&J to rescue the Center from this supermonster.
    • It's Alive (Part 1)
      M.O.M. evaluates the agents on their successful jobs. Martin gets A+, Diana gets N which is "Needs Improvement", M.O.M. tells Java to talk more, and Billy to talk less. Diana is jealous of Martin being better than her, and is selected to attend a new school for paranormal investigators. Diana reveals to Martin that she is the unknown stranger who has been stealing his monsters, and writes a resignation letter to M.O.M, making a decision to quit the Center, in favour of the new school.moreless
    • Rage of the Leprechaun
      Martin and Diana come to Marvin's aid as he has been hiding inside a building to keep away from a stalking creature. Marvin begins to change and act differently and it has to do with why the Leprechaun has been after him.
    • Pirates of Doom
      Pirates of Doom
      Episode 23

      Martin's class visits a museum. He and Java sneak into a room full of pirate stuff. Martin hides from his teacher who was looking for him. After the teacher was gone, he leaves unaware that he was wearing a medallion around his neck. Martin becomes a mean pirate and searches for a jewel called the Red Rose Ruby which will help him awaken his army of the undead. It's up to Diana to stop him and return the world back to normal before Captain Blood a.k.a Martin takes over.

    • Wrath of the Venus FlyTrap

      A student accidentally turned a harmless Venus Flytrap into a monster. Since then, people have been disappearing without a trace. Martin, Diana and Java are on the case to stop this carnivorous Dionaea Muscipula before it's too late.

    • Curse of the Six-String Serenade

      Martin decides that girls would go after him if he created a band. He creates a band with Java and Billy. He plays a song that makes girls go after him. But little does Martin know, the guitar is actually evil. It makes the girls turn into purple monster-like pixies, and they become his fangirls and attack him.

    • Journey Into Terrorland
      M.O.M decides to take a day-off with Martin and Diana for their excellent work. She takes them to Terrorland. Their enjoyable time is cut short when a stranger kidnaps Billy. M.O.M., Diana,and Java and turned them into monsters; a vampire, a two headed eel, and zombies. Martin and Jenny try to outrun the monsters that chase them.moreless
    • Lovespell From the Underworld
      One of Martin's enemies escapes from the Center to get her revenge. Meanwhile Martin's old school mate Vivian comes to Torrington trying to make up all of those mean things she has done to him when they were kids. But Diana thinks there is something unnatural about her. Ever since Vivian came to Torrington, Billy and Java have mysteriously disappeared.moreless
    • All I Want for X-Mas
      Diana's eager to get home before paranormal weirdness ruins another Christmas though Martin wouldn't mind a bit of weirdness. It looks like Java's going to be stuck alone in the empty school for Christmas when Martin and Diana get a call from their Dad. He's on an expedition to the North Pole and trapped by a blizzard so he won't be home for Christmas. Diana's sorry to hear that but gets much sorrier when Dad tells her that he and their mother think it would be best for them to stay in Torrington for Xmas (no explanation why their mother would rather spend Christmas alone rather than with Martin & Diana). Java's happy for the company but Martin and Diana are gloomy about being the only teenagers left in the school. Then MOM calls to invite them to attend the Center's Christmas Party (or else) which is a welcome distraction but Martin has to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Unfortunately the presents he gets are cursed by an evil elf who was kicked out of Santa's workshop and delights in ruining Christmas for others. Martin's gifts give the peace and quiet loving Diana huge ears that are very sensitive to noise, cause Mom who hates Christmas music to sing everything she says as a Christmas carol, make the white Christmas loving Java melt snow and fulfill Billy's wish to spend more time with Martin by fusing them together. To make matters worse after distributing 100 cursed gifts (which he's almost done) the elf will disappear at midnight for 100 years making the curses irreversible. Time is running out for Martin to undo the damage he's caused before it's too late and this becomes the worst Christmas ever!moreless
    • Tale of the Enchanted Keys

      Famous writer Evan Prince gives MM his typewriter, and MM begins writing a story. M.O.M., who is seen reading one of Prince's books, reports that there are creatures attacking farmland near MM's school, and they have nabbed the famous writer. MM arrives with Java and they save Diana and Evan Prince. The creatures seen familiar with MM's story, which makes him realize that the typewriter is bringing the creatures to life.

    • Return Of The Djini

      Djini has returned after Martin Mystery tried to lock her away, and this time she possesses Diana, so that every wish Diana makes comes true. Her wish was to have a special friend. In order to make her wish come true, the possessed Diana makes Billy, Java, and Martin disappear. Now that Martin and the others are trapped in the skull, only Diana can save herself from the Djini.

    • Day Of The Shadows Part (2)
      Everyone in the world except for Billy and Martin have been sucked into the Shadow World so it's up to them to defeat the Shadow Lord. Meanwhile in the Shadow Realm Caitlin meets MOM, Diana and Java. All of whom are amazed to meet a girl who likes Martin. MOM makes contact with Martin via her Ultra U-Watch but it's damaged by the shadows before she can tell him how to defeat the Shadow Lord. After Billy's sucked into the Shadow World it's up to Martin to face the Shadow Lord and save the world.moreless
    • Day Of The Shadows Part (1)

      Jenny is walking while she hears something chasing after her and she thinks that is Martin who is trying to scare. At Torrington Academy, Martin's doing a ghost machine and Diana and Java arrived with movies. Martin tells them that he is busy. At night, Billy was scared to death, so he turns the light on, in Diana's bedroom she was studying and she decided to skip her homework and felt asleep, back in Martin's room he also felt asleep. The next day, Martin wakes up late and run to class but there was nobody, then Diana show up also late. Martin and Diana walked toward the whole school but nobody was there. They decided to check the street weather they can figure what is going on. On the street, they see a girl running away, Martin tries to stop and she asks Martin what he did to the people, but Martin was on the same mission. She introduced herself as Kaitlyn, she and Martin have the same attitude, Diana was jealous, they both seen to like each other and Diana rely the first time a girl ever like Martin. While they were still in the some restaurant, shadows attack them and they got Diana but Martin and Kaitlyn escaped and they saw a car coming it was Billy, they all head to Kaitlyn's room. Billy notice that they were not vanished because they leave their light on, the shadows came back and got Kaitlyn, it shocked Martin. TO BE CONTINUED...

    • Rise Of The Secret Society

      Martin and Jerry are chosen to join the secret society. Because they are the chosen ones, they get free stuff. Especially when Martin receives a brand new car to impress Jenny. But before they can join the secret society, they have to pass the test which they are suppose to enter a game.

    • The House Of Zombies

      MOM takes Martin, Java, Billy and Diana on a camping trip. A storm unleashes and they're forced to take shelter on a mysterious cabin in the woods. What they don't know is that the cabin was built by a man for Clarissa, the girl he loved but she didn't love him back. Throughout the night Mom, Java, Billy and Diana become possessed by the spirit. Will Martin be able to save his possessed friends or will he become a new victim for the grievous man?

    • Night Of The Scarecrow
      Martin,Diana, and Java go on a trip to visit a relative on a farm. They all have a good time until a cursed scarecrow goes and rampages all over the farm...
    • Return Of The Imaginary Friend
      In a village, a young girl was playing tennis alone, then she discovery that her friends don't hang around with her anymore so she wish that she things would how it use to be when they were young. Her wish was granted by a living tiny bear. Back at Torrington Academy, Martin was doing his experiment project but which blow them up, then Diana show tells Martin that he couldn't do anything. Continuing their arguing MOM ask them to investigate on a missing teens. The gang find out that the bear who was responsibly for the missing teens.moreless
    • The Warlock Returns

      After entering a paranormal contest on a magazine, that consists on finding a legend and proving that it is real, Martin is contacted by an ancient Warlock, a kind of powerful sorcerer, that wants Martin to free him from his prison, a well. What he don´t know is that the Warlock is evil, and wants to make Torrington his kingdom!

    • Wrath Of The Torrington Worm
      Principal Pebbleton tells Martin that his failing grades are becoming an issue. Martin is about to laugh off the problem like he normally does, until he realizes his father (Gerard) has been called in to discuss.
    • Hairier And Scarier
      While Martin is at the Center cleaning out cages in the Creature Containment Facility (a "mission" M.O.M. has bestowed upon him), he is scratched by a feisty werewolf-creature.
    • Rise Of The Sea Mutants
      When people begin disappearing from a small industrial town, M.O.M. calls Martin, Diana, and Billy in to investigate. They trace the disappearances back to a packet of sea monkeys that were contaminated by the town's toxic water supply
    • Attack Of The Lawn Gnomes
      Martin, Diana, Java, and Billy investigate reports of strange little creatures terrorizing a nearby town.
    • Web Of The Spider Creature
      When Martin and Diana's biology teacher is forced into "early retirement" because of the unorthodox/non-Torrington approved experiments he was performing in his lab, Martin is completely thrilled - maybe they'll finally get some new blood (preferably of the female variety) to teach the class.
    • Attack of the Evil Roomate
      When Martin shows Di some new "supernatural artifacts" he ordered off of the internet, she barely has time to notice. In fact, she's so overwhelmed with life (homework, clubs, social life, job at the Center), that she off-handedly makes a wish that she could be in two places at once. Later, to her utter shock, she finds that her wish has come true: Diana has a new roommate - herself!!!moreless
    • Mystery Of Teen Town

      When Martin and Diana take a class trip to the Math Museum, their bus breaks down. They quickly realize the town they've landed in is only inhabited by teenagers. At first they (and their friends) think it's totally cool... until Java goes missing and Martin gets a strange instant message begging him for help!

    • Curse Of The Looking Glass
      When Darla, one of Torrington's least popular and least confident co-eds, gazes into an old mirror that she finds in the school's drama department and makes a wish (to be beautiful and well-liked like the Jennis of the world), her wish comes true!
  • Season 2
  • Season 1