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Martin Mystery

Season 2 Episode 14

Germs From Beyond

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Nov 24, 2004 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Germs From Beyond
While sick with a mystery illness Martin, Java & Diana are quarantined in the Center's medical wing and reminisce about their past adventures. Due to a misunderstanding they think MOM has decided to terminate them before they can spread the sickness and flee deeper into the Center unaware that the real cause of the alarm is that the Boogeyman has escaped and they're heading right for him!moreless

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  • Weird,but it was also funny!

    Well this episode had many flashbacks from past episodes.Such as flashbacks from when Martin went nuts over a girl or when Billy just popped out of nowhere on a mission.This was possibly the last episode of season 2,so it had flashbacks from Season 1 and 2.

    It was a little weird.Martin,Diana and Java were sick.However,they're illness was not that serious,so what made them think that M.O.M would ever want to get rid of them.Or that sweet innocent Billy would want to shoot them with a gun?Then they said all those things.They didn't really defeat the boogeyman.M.O.M and Billy really shrinked it with the gun.

    But it was pretty good actually.This was the first monster they ever had to defeat twice.(The djini is the second.)And it was very funny when the Boogeyman shrinked and he was so small.

    I rate the episode a 9/10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the end of "It Came From The Bog" the Boogeyman was sealed away inside the magic book which MOM said was going to be locked away inside the Center. Since he couldn't get out unless someone opened the book why did MOM let the Boogeyman out of his secure prison inside the book to put him in a much easier to escape Center prison cell?

    • What happened to all the Center agents who were backing up MOM & Billy? None of them fired and in fact once MOM and Billy open fire on the Boogeyman we don't see them again for the rest of the episode

    • You said in the episode synopsis that Martin, Diana, and Java were trapped in a cell. well, why couldn't they just turn on martin's U-watch and open a portal out of there?
      Editor's Note - Probably because a lot of Center agents were pointing guns at them and they figured they'd get zapped if they tried anything They should have done that in the first place instead of running around the Centre frantically. in the episode "The Beast Within" martin's U-watch was able to open a portal to anywhere in the complex. so they could have just opened a door out. But I guess they wanted to add more excitement into it or it'll seem so boring.Editor's Note - That's been a long running goof in this series. Once they established in that episode that the U-Watch could generate portals (and since Billy can pop out of anywhere there doesn't seem to be an limitations on where in the world portals can be used) you realize there's been plenty of episodes where they should have used it to escape dangerous situations but didn't since that would have killed the excitement
      Why didn't MOM or Billy tell them anything about the problem? Billy should have explained why he took out that big gun when they were in the quarantine section of the medical wing. (but then, Billy did have a knack for scaring or freaking them out when they were on their missions….)
      Editor's Note - Also Martin's lousy lipreading convinced the gang to run off before Billy could get close enough to say anything
      and why didn't MOM say anything to Martin and Diana about why she wasn't lowering her gun at them.
      Editor's Note - MOM's never been much on explaining to her subordinates. That's why no-one knew where she'd gone and what she was trying to do in "They Came From The Gateway" so no one was prepared when she got possessed by evil which almost lead to the end of the World
      That would have really helped the situation for Martin and Diana. (if you look at it this way it was MOM's fault that the Boogeyman escaped and Martin and Diana nearly got a heart attack…. but this is just my opinion anyways) I think they still got to know what's happening, even if they can't do anything to help MOM, they would still be more prepared for it if they do happen to come across it.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Diana: What about our deadly illness? How much longer until it finishes us off?
      Billy: Actually, your deadly illness is nothing more than a touch of food poisoning. It originated in your school cafeteria.
      (Martin and Diana glare at Java)
      Java: No look Java. I had week off.

    • M.O.M.: Oh! For heaven's sake, will you just get out of the way?!

    • (After Martin & Diana were relieved about their illness)
      Diana: Whoa. What a relief. Guess it looks like we can get back to school now.
      Martin: Yeah, so long gang.
      MOM: Not so fast, so you're feeling "un-appreciated", huh?
      Billy: And you think I'm a buffoon?
      Diana: (chuckles nervously) Did we say that?
      Martin: It must've been the fever talking. In fact, we should get to bed right away. Ciao!

    • Diana: Being an overachiever is so exhausting.

    • Martin: (after he got slapped by Diana) Why'd you do that for?
      Diana: Duh! It's what I always do in crisis situations.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Marathon's initial episode guide called this one "Clip Show" and that's what it is with clips from every episode including the 2 part "They Came From The Gateway" (When Martin was talking about how Java rescued them everytime with his muscles in the flashback you can see a part of " It came from the Gateway Part 2" where the Gatekeeper grabs Martin's leg and Java saved him before he and the gatekeeper were sucked into the portal) which is a bit weird because chronologically this episode has to happen before "It came from the Gateway" since MOM shut down the Center at the end of that one.