Martin Mystery

Season 1 Episode 14

Haunting of the Blackwater

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Mar 03, 2004 on YTV
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Haunting of the Blackwater
The grand reopening gala of the Blackwater Mountain Lodge in British Columbia comes to an abrupt ending when the breaking of an old photo of the long dead founder of the lodge triggers ghostly activity and a disembodied voice ordering everyone out.

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  • omg! it is so scary o.O

    i have to admit. this is like the scariest episode ive seen in martin mystery. A picture trapping a soul. the soul was released. weird things happening. creepy!

    blackwater's ghost(whom i think is called blackwater) is so scary. all torn and tattered. ahh! when he possesed diana, when there was this organ playing thing. i so closed my eyes at some prts even though i watchd this episode about 4 times. i so love this episode. it is extremely scary. no idea why others wouldnt find this entertaining. :o oh well, recommended for all kids 9-11. if you want an ok ok scary episode when you are 12-15. this is the right epi for you :)

    signing off,

  • A show that is REALLY horrible and I don't know who would like this crap but I know it's not me. Has lame characters, lame graphics, and such - the only reason why I wouldn't change the chanel is because I'm too busy playing my DSmoreless

    Crappiest show on Nicktoons Network. Horrible introduction, That was almost about to pierce my eyes, and the animation is all dumb too. That scardey cat chick has horrible design ... and Martin is just a dumb idiot. Diana ... I just want to puke when I look at her ugly face ... her face looks like someone punched it ... and if I ever saw her, I'd punch his face so hard, his head would fly off & loose her voice when she screams... the designs suck, and the episodes are pretty dumb too. Diana just does something dumb that causes one thing after another to happen. Even Sonic X is better than this crap.

    In this show, two kids, Martin and Diana have STUPID adventures working, & Chalkzone's is even worse with this bully that looks like a Monkey!! There, they fantasize stupid and disgusting stuff. This show makes fun of both teens and students, of which I am both. students aren't these ugly people!! In fact, all of my student friends are very normal, they just deny meat. And, really, this show is just gross. And people w/ big teeth should be used, for, like, Courage the Cowardly Dog or something. Not for such a horrible show as this. Like most people, I'm sure that most hate watching gross, braincell zapping shows like this one. I think I lose braincells just watching this show.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Martin: Hey, where did our gho-sty go?
      (Diana's skin turns pale and her hair turns a darker shade of brown. She looks up with a menacing stare and then her face contorts with hate and disgust)
      Martin: Yo Di, are you okay? You look kinda weird.
      (The possessed Diana lifts up her hand and levitates Martin and Java)
      Martin: Whoa! You're possessed!
      Possessed Diana: GET! OUT!

    • Java: (sniffs) Something smell funny.
      Diana: (sniffs) Your right, Jav. Something does smell funny and it's not Martin this time. (Martin blushes embarrassingly)

    • Martin: Yoo-hoo! Little miss tough-enough, time to smile pretty for the camera!
      (the possessed Diana growls, spins her head and laughs)
      Martin: Not exactly the attractive pose I was looking for but it'll do!

    • Diana: Okay, this isn't working. Why can't one of you guys be the bait?
      Martin: It doesn't have to be you, I just thought you were tough enough. But if you're chicken, Java will do it. Right, Jav?
      Java: No way, Java not stupid.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Blackwater is based on the Banff Spring Hotel and Resort. I thought they resembled with each other. Go figure out.

    • The chase through the snow covered hedgemaze near the end of the episode is a clear homage to Stanley Kubrick's version of "The Shining".


    • Diana's head spin: The Exorcist

      When the possessed Diana spins her head, it is a reference to the movie the Exorcist where the possessed Reagan spin her head.