Martin Mystery

Season 3 Episode 26

It's Alive (Part 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Mar 27, 2006 on YTV
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It's Alive (Part 2)
It turns out that the CIHL was made to create a supermonster to get revenge on the Center. This operation was lead by Octavia Paine, a center agent with a poor evaluation. After disagreeing with the Dean (Octavia Paine), Diana gets mutated as one of Octavia's mutating agents, and it's up to MD&J to rescue the Center from this supermonster.

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    Teryl Rothery

    Teryl Rothery

    MOM, Various Guest Voices

    Kelly Sheridan

    Kelly Sheridan

    Diana Lombard

    Sam Vincent

    Sam Vincent

    Martin Mystery, Billy

    Teryl Rothery

    Teryl Rothery

    Octavia Paine

    Guest Star

    Teryl Rothery

    Teryl Rothery

    Diana's Boss/Fail Agent

    Recurring Role

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      • Diana: Okay, if its got the strengths of all those creatures, then maybe its got all their weaknesses as well.
        Martin: I knew there was a reason I missed having you around.

      • Billy: (after seeing Diana's resignation letter) Ouch, seems pretty final to me.
        Java: Especially part where she call you... What that word?
        Billy: Uh... Oh, imbecile.
        Martin: Give me that!

      • Martin: Okay, exactly what happened here?
        Billy: A huge crazy monster attacked the Center. Java and I tried to ambush it, but...
        (Java covers Billy's mouth)
        Java: It catch us, cover us in goo.
        Diana: You don't say.

      • Diana: Octavia must have been an old Center agent who is fired because she got a bad evaluation and she switched sides to get revenge.
        Martin: Hey, she's kinda like you.

      • Java: Uh, Diana, you back now for good?
        Diana: If we don't stop this creature, there won't be anything that come back, too.

      • Diana: This is gonna be interesting.
        Martin: Sure is! Wait until I tell everyone at school that you had a tail!

      • Martin: (after being told that Diana didn't send M.O.M. her resignation letter) Whoops, I guess I kinda forgot to drop it off before. Don't worry, Di, I'll just hand over now.
        Diana: Martin Mystery, if you even think of handing that in, I promise I'll...
        Martin: What, join a rival paranormal investigation organization?

      • Java: Why you not tell M.O.M. that agent is Diana?
        Martin: Because I can't believe that Diana is gone for good.

      • Martin: It's a text message from Diana.
        Billy: What's it say?
        Martin: Help, CIHL. She must be in trouble. Hold it, this could be a trick to distract me while she snags another monster.
        Billy: But, what if she's really in danger?
        Martin: Alright, I'm going. Even if it is a trick, at least I'll get a chance to confront her about it.

      • M.O.M.: (after finding out Martin is beaten by Diana) Update your skills, agent Mystery. There's competition in town.

      • Octavia: Oh, and did I forget to mention that CIHL actually stands for Creature Intelligence Hybrid Laboratory?
        Diana: I thought you said you were trying to find a way for creatures and humans to co-exist.
        Octavia: Are you really that naive?

      • M.O.M.: Agent Mystery, I'm disappointed in you. A tying gagged victim placed in a highly visible location it's...
        Martin: Obviously a trap.
        Octavia: And so it is.

      • Martin: So, what is all this equipment for besides mutating people, of course?
        Diana: A woman named Octavia Paine collected the world's most powerful monsters and combined their powers into a single super creature.
        Martin: And as I soon I destroy it, the better. So, where is it?
        Diana: I'm not telling. You have to take me with you.
        Martin: Oh, so you can show me up again? Get real!
        Diana: You don't have a choice. I know my way around, you don't. I know how the creature was made, you don't. I know who...
        Martin: Okay, okay, but I'm gonna stay on your tail. I mean, keep my eye on you. Uh, let's just go.

      • Diana: Martin, this is a Center evaluation.
        Martin: Wow, someone did even worse than you. Who got that mark?
        Diana: The name on it is Octavia Paine. She was a Center agent?
        Martin: Not for very long without an evaluation like that. She could use some serious "be like Martin" classes.

      • Diana: We've got to get back to the Center and warn M.O.M.
        Martin: Haven't you done enough damage already?
        Diana: I seen this creature, and you're gonna need all the help you can get. Besides, you don't have time to argue with me.
        Martin: Fine. Come on!

      • Diana: I'm a mutant!
        Martin: Well, you only have a tail and an extra set of eyelids so really, you're more of a mini-mutant.

      • Diana: (after licking herself) Gross! Okay, first priority: getting me back to normal.

      • Diana: (after dodging Octavia's beam) Maybe these mutations aren't so bad.

      • Martin: (after his watch explodes) Oh, nice! Really nice!

      • Billy: Thanks, guys, we were getting worried up there, and... Whoa! Diana, what happened to your eyes?
        Java: And tail?
        Diana: So I got a little mutated. Is it that weird?
        Billy: Uh-huh.
        Java: Yup.

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