Martin Mystery

Season 3 Episode 2

Mystery Of Teen Town

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Sep 06, 2005 on YTV

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  • Wow!!!!! Watch this!!!!!

    Let´s analize this epi:

    MOM (plot): Good plot, a boy, I think it was called Damian or something, and a bunch of teenagers kidnnap adults so they would be living on a teen town. Also they added Borgos, a cibernetic being that wanted offerings of people (the adults) so he would be real. Classical MM plot, I will give it an 8
    Diana (humor): The whole episode isn´t funny, at all!! The only half-funny part is the beggining and the end. That´s it. Nothing funny in the middle. I will give it a 2 in humor, only because of Martin´s dance
    Java (action): Wow, this episode is like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie!!! You can watch motorcicle races, biciycle tricks, and even a boy getting superpowerful (and I REALLY MEAN it). Just one word: SWEET!!! I will give a 9 in action
    Martin (suspense): TEN!!!!, TEN!!!!!. Do you want my explanation?, well, here it is: The prologue of the episode is scary, the first part, the middle part and the end are ,too.

    I will give the whole episode a 9. You better watch it!!!