Martin Mystery

Season 3 Episode 16

Return Of The Djini

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jan 16, 2006 on YTV

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  • This episode was a awesome episode!Better than Crypt of the Djini.

    I just watched this episode an hour ago,finally.I was looking for it for 7 months!I guess it was worth the wait.It was great!Although it's a sequel to Crypt of the Djini,it was better."Crypt of the Djini" was good,but not as good as this one!
    First of all,I'm glad that they showed Caitlin again,since she was in the other 2 episodes.I never expected to see her again.It was too bad she dumped him.They liked each other and just because he missed a date she dumps him?She should have given him one more chance.
    I also was glad that the Djini was defeated,I love watching my least favorite monsters get defeated.She is so mean!Someone wants something and she gives it a twist.Though she was not ugly like last time,she might have gotten a makeover or someone punched her ugly face...HA-HA!
    Finally,I was glad Diana got a date.She deserved one.I was not surprised at it being Billy either.Since Billy and Diana being my favorite pairing and all.It was not a friends' date in my opinion.Reason being it still has the word date in it,they wanted to go alone and BF/GF date.
    So this episode gets a 10/10.
  • Nice addition to the season!

    I'm very glad they've made this episode, it's unique and cool. I love the fact that they've shown and mentioned Caitlin in this, because she was in the two previous episodes and became Martin's girlfriend. The main thing that rather annoyed me was that Caitlin already dumped him! In the beginning of this episode they were having so much fun together, and then just because he didn't show up on their date she's finished with him just like that already?? I mean he has said why he didn't come and she should have believed him because he has saved her life from another monster. Oh well, I just hope she'll be shown at least once more. Other than that, this episode was one of the best and really rocked!
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