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  • Martin Mystery was the BEST thing that ever happened to nicktooons network they took him off (MAD!!)

    Martin Mystery was the best thing that ever happened to nicktoons network they took him OFF i was (and still am)MADDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! why did they do that though that was wrong and i bet some people would agree with me. Well i dont want u guys to hear me complain any more so i will just tell u other things Martin Mystery is my favorite character and on my quizilla i am writing a fanfic bout it and i even put my own cahracter in it an she is Martin's girlfriend lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • Martin, Diana, Java, and Billy save the world from evil.

    Martin Mystery is one of Marathon's super cool animated shows. It's too bad they don't show it in America. Well they did on Nickelodeon but it didn't last long. They should've aired it on Cartoon Network like they did with Totally Spies. Anyway, I find that French animation is unique, beautiful, and awesome! I wish everyone else would give it a chance. I mean America aired Totally Spies, Team Galaxy (temporarly) and the Monster Buster Club, so why don't they air Martin Mystery? Oh well. Cest la vie. They don't know what they are missing; it does show some educational stuff like; geography, a little science, etc.
  • Cool.

    I love it. This is a funny show as well as mysterious and that has a lot of action. My favorite character is Billy. Even that he dosen't appear much I still love him. My favorite episode is when MOM goes to The Gateway to the Underworld and gets controlled by that monster. The Episode was called Gateway to the Underworld Part 1 or 2. Java is also a favorite, he's funny and exciting to watch. And I love when Martin nags about Diana being a smarty pants or when Diana yells at Martin for doing something wrong Martin dosen't even realize. Overall I give this an 8.9.
  • The show is just a poor a "Squirrel Boy"

    I tried to be fair. I gave it an honest chance. I endured the pain of watching a whole episode. And my final conclusion?
    I honestly have not seen a show so downright flipping horrible since Nicktoon Network aired "Yakkity Yak". Like I said, I always give new cartoons a chance before I judge by watching at least one whole episode of this show. It was actually PAINFUL to pay attention to.

    First off, music wise, it makes you want to cut your ear off. And what's with the theme? It makes it sound like it's for three year olds!

    Second, for the most part, I'm supportive of any animation style, no matter how odd it might be. But good god, this one really takes the cake. It's hard to look at. It's not even the drawings themselves, it's the coloring... everything's so dark, like my thoughts said, it's overexposed which makes it an eyesore. Finally, the characters lack serious emotion. This makes it hard to connect to the situation and actually stir anything in the viewer. Dare I even give this show a 4? It seems too high for it. The only reason I even venture to give it this score is because it made me chuckle a few times; but that's the limit of its humor. I can't even continue to write a decent review about this... it just fails in every aspect of it's existance. Please, if you value your brains; don't watch CatDog,Yakkity Yak, Shuriken School or this. Nicktoons Network, you're slipping. You need to listen to your fans and improve on the few good points of your channel, and maybe you can save yourselves. But "Martin Mystery" fails to live up to the hype you gave it. Besides, didn't you already attempt this with "6teen"?
  • Martin, his sister Diana, and their best friend, Java the cave-man, are supernatural abnormalities investigators.

    I know that 25% people here are gonna disagree with me, but I'm entitled to my own opinion.

    I really like Anime, but this isn't really Anime. I like some American shows too, but this doesn't cut it. It's too American. Let me put it this way. What would you choose? Ed,Edd,&Eddy, or Inuyasha, or any other PURE Anime show? Martin Mystery is ok, but still, you gotta admit, at times, it's lame right? But some episodes are pretty good though.

    Here are my ratings for the TV Series.

    Story:Original, but needs more twist.

    Quality:It's ok. It may not kinda have a point, it's still good. Those crazy suggestions Martin makes up are pretty original, besides that fact he's copying Fred from A Pup Named Scoby-Doo. But then again, no one really watches that anymore.

    Anime:Pretty low. It has a few cute Chibis in it, and the eyes don't look that American art-styled, but not a lot of Anime in it overall.

    Overall:It's OK, but it still needs a bit of fine-tuning right?

  • It's alright now

    First of all, title is something more creative This show does have its interesting and funny moments, like telling Martin making Diana look bad, but otherwise this show is is more for Teen in Teeniebopper mode. It also stereotypes the behavior/look/etc of current canadian males and females, although the parody of the current state of caucasian culture was pretty funny. The stereotypical step figure (Diana) is a pretty good character for the show though. What reason does that Cave Man have for being in the show though? The intro is pretty creepie too, the song is not that catchy. Right now I'll give this show a 6 and hope it gets a little more tuning.

    EDIT- I a'm still comparing this show to South Park. IMHO, they are absolutely somehing alike! I could think of one thing that is similar between the characters or between the shows!
  • Martin solved a mystery and was invited to join The Centre. He along with his friend Diana, sometimes Java and Billy too, solve paranormal crimes around the globe. Very nice idea and an amazing show^^

    This animated show is my personal favourite of all. I'm in my mid-twenties and am still very impressed with just the basics of this cartoon. I'm actually really satisfied with all the things in it, nothing that I see bad about it at all. Of course there'll be people who dislike the show, that happens to every program, but what I find strange is that it's only rated 8.4; that's kinda low in my opinion. It deserves much more attention than what it has. If you haven't watched this show yet, I suggest you do, I'm sure it won't let you down. Also, anyone have any news if there'll be a fourth season? If you do, just PM me, thanks!
  • A show about two teenagers,an alien,and a caveman solving cool mysteries,making friends and having alot of fun

    So what can I say, I'm an addict. This show is a wild,wet yourself laughing,diehard thrill.The Canadian talent is always a treat and They mentioned my hometown (It was pronounced wrong and I've never heard of a dark druid).There're some distinctly european elements like how Torrington looks like an English castle,an Irish witch in PEI,and those looking glass monsters(I've never read that fairytale).There's some comicbook truth mixed in for flavour (That's you spell it when you\'re canadian).I\'m not sure why people take shots at it all the time abd I don\'t think I\'ll try to find out.So I\'ll watch and enjoy the show by myself
  • Martin Mystery is about three young adults. Martin, his sister Diana and their friend Java the cave man, who trio work for the center, headed by M.O.M. With the help of their friend Billy, an alien and Martin’s U watch they solve mysteries involving anyth

    This show is by far one of the best I have seen. It presents a perfect blend of humor, action and the paranormal. All the characters, be it Martin, Diana or Java are very well developed. The show proceeds in a distinct pattern. First with the trio in school. This bit normally involves a bet or fight between Martin and his stepsister Diana. Then the centre calls and off they go to receive their mission parameters. In MOM's office Martin normally messes up one of M.O.M's projects and is forced to flee the office. The mission it self takes up most of an episode. Between Martin and Diana's bickering, the encounters with the supernatural, Martin's excessive use of the U watch and ever present goofs this bit of the show passes quite quickly. One of the last parts is when they identify the culprit and go about capturing him. The show invariably ends with the agents being congratulated on a job well done and resolving what ever fight took place between the siblings in the start of the episode. With a very small cast of characters, varying settings and a host of different myths and legends the show is both well balanced and has very few flaws about it.
  • Scooby Doo meets Anime, a not so stellar combination.

    I managed to catch a couple episodes of this show on NickToons, late at night. My first impression of it was that it was just another lame, clichéd filled anime. After watching several more episodes I saw it was more then that, but not much more.

    Martin Mystery follows 3 main characters: Martin (the appointed Hero), Diana (Martin’s step-sister) and their quiet but strong Caveman friend, Java. Most of the episodes are the same. They start of with an intro that contains a bizarre monster or creature. Then it moves to Martin or his sister at school having trouble dating. They’ll usually meet up somewhere and then get their new paranormal assignment. The show is very similar to Scooby Doo, right down to the music. Most of the time Martin and his pals have trouble trying to capture the monster or creature but after coming up with a plan, succeed in the end (with a lot of luck at times).

    I tried really hard to like it because I loved Scooby Doo so much. Martin Mystery does have some really cool monsters to introduce but that’s about it. It can be rather funny at times. Unfortunately, there was virtually no character development in the episodes I saw. Most of the episodes follow the same linear path: Introduce creature, travel to [insert exotic place] and defeat or save the creature. Rinse and repeat. I’ll continue to watch the show, but only because there is nothing else to watch at 1 am.
  • Martin Mystery is a great show that needs more season in the future.

    Martin Mystery is a show featuring Martin Mystery and his sister Diana Lombard together with with their cavemen like friend Java go on regular missions around the world to solve paranormal activies from zombies and aliens to other monsters.

    Martin can be a bit clumsy at times and his sister is the intelligent one as they solve paranormal activities together. Java is the strong one in the threesome.

    The storyline in most episode is good as it progresses from the beginning to the climax smoothly. The story also have characters like Billy which is Martin's best buddy and also Mom which is the boss of the centre which investigates all the paranormal activites.
  • i love paranormal shows...

    meet martin, a care-free, goffy, happy-go-lucky teen. meet diana, a gentle, sometimes hot-headed cousin of martin. and java, a prehistoric caveman. they work for the center, a secret place somewhere, with the help of M.O.M., the top agent of the center, and billy, a little, but helpful, alien. they fight the paranormal and the supernatural.
  • Cool concepts...but interesting?

    martin Mystery is okay..but then when you think about it..almost every episode is about monster fighting or sumthing...its more funny when Martin gets jealous or makes a fool of himself..but i think it was better when Billy was a human..and juss hoping they would come up with other monsters or stuff to fight..cuz it's not reli interesting rite now...
  • The perfect equation

    What do you get by having a slime-oholic teeneger, a super fancy girl, a 400 million year caveman and lots, lots of aliens, ghosts and monster. I will tell you what you get: one of the most incredible, action-packed show ever! This show also contains lots of comedy, as well as lots of intersting cases. My choice: watch this show!!!
  • Ever wonder about what goes bump at night? Martin Mystery is that one that bumps back. Together with his half sister Diana and his cave man Java, they go on various mission commisioned by the 'Centre' under the watchful eyes of 'Mom'. Worth a watch. =)

    Ever wonder about what goes bump at night? Martin Mystery is that one that bumps back. Together with his half sister Diana and his cave man Java, they go on various mission commisioned by the 'Centre'. By walking through a portal they usually arrive before the scene gets cold. Martin is the one with the wild theories, while Diana is the down to earth girl that takes pleasure in pointing out all the loop holes in Martin's crazy theories. Java is the one with the muscles. More often then not, Martin is always there to save the day. However, he is totally hopeless with girls... *sigh*.
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