Martin Mystery

YTV (ended 2006)





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  • Another fabulous Cartoon first made by Nick that was hardly given a chance, and this show also has a pretty high score.

    Why Nicktoon's Network wanted to erase this show off the air i don't know. Though in my opinion i am just saying that may have been a mistake, as a lot of people like this show. Although Nick canceled this pretty quickly, it would have been nice if Nicktoon's Network continued to show fabulous reruns for us to see. Even though there is always the internet, it just doesn't seem the same in my eyes where you can't catch episodes of some great shows on TELEVISION that unfortunately didn't last long. The shows are endless, since there's so many of them that i would like to be renewed. Well at least Martin Mystery was great while it lasted, another one of my past favorites, and how i miss Dianna so much. i think i am running out of things to say, so i will leave off with this: Martin mystery was a great show, as i always enjoyed seeing the funny main characters, and them taking on all of these sweet villains, billy was so cute too. That was mind-bending though discovering in an episode that he had a past of being an evil alien and destroyed many planets! Yikes! i am glad that he decided to be a good person though! You were great while you lasted Martin Mystery so Rest in peace. I will miss you greatly. i guess no show can last forever, but it is always great when good shows like this are able to last long. but that is what renews are for! You know, adding past shows with new sequels or something like that.