Martin Mystery - Season 1

YTV (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Episode 26
    When statues in China start coming to life, Martin, Diana & Java are sent to investigate. They find that a servant of an ancient emperor is attempting to reanimate the emperor and his army of soldiers, in an effort to revive the dynasty.
  • The Amazon Vapor
    The Amazon Vapor
    Episode 25
    When various plants and animals wash up on the shores of the Amazon River, Martin & Diana are sent in to investigate. They uncover that digging by a hydroelectric company has released a strange green mist. Along the way they bump into Martin’s nemesis, Marvin.
  • Scream from the Forest
    Martin and Diana take some time off from their work at the Center to join their archaeologist father for a weekend in the woods. They encounter a “Synth” that’s determined on reclaiming its territory from local loggers.
  • The Sewer Thing
    The Sewer Thing
    Episode 23
    Martin, Diana & Java discover that a hideous creature living in the city’s sewers of Ottawa, was once a man who accidentally became “infected” by an experiment at a top-secret genetics laboratory. Now, because of his grotesque mutation, he’s bent on revenge and must be stopped.
  • Summer Camp Nightmare
    Martin, Diana & Java go undercover to investigate strange occurrences at a summer camp. It turns out an alien being has appeared every 1000 years to feed off the life force of the kids at the camp.
  • Attack of the Mothman
    Martin, Diana & Java investigate a missing faculty member and student at a university. They find out that some teachers did a weird experiment that turned him into a human-moth beast. They must track the creature to its lair and stop it from feasting on everyone it comes in contact with.moreless
  • The Return of the Beasts
    Martin and Diana reflect upon their first case with Java. A mad scientist had been recreating a Jurassic world. It’s up to Martin, Diana and Java to stop the madman before New York and the world is overrun with prehistoric creatures.
  • Revenge of the Doppelganger
    Women in Montreal are being attacked by some sort of electrical creature that erases their faces.
  • Beast From Within
    Beast From Within
    Episode 18
    A mysterious power outage at the center causes a creature to escape and now MOM is extremely worried. The creature that escaped was Gastromo, the first creature MOM ever caught. When the agents go and search for him, he attaches to one of the agents and takes control and is off to the Center to get his revenge on MOM.moreless
  • Fright from the Ice
    Fright from the Ice
    Episode 17
    A snow creature in the Swiss Alps terrorizes vacationers at a mountain resort and Martin, Diana & Java are sent to investigate. Upon arriving they see firsthand how the beast strikes from beneath the snow. They have to climb the mountain and confront the ancient beast in its lair.
  • Curse of the Necklace
    When a young woman discovers an ancient Celtic necklace, strange things begin to happen. Martin, Diana & Java investigate and discover that an evil female spirit has inhabited the young woman so she can give out evil candy, which causes people to literally become their costumes.
  • Mystery of the Hole Creature
    The agents are sent to investigate a haunting reported at a downtown office building, but discover that it was only a ruse to allow Java to be kidnapped.
  • Haunting of the Blackwater
    The grand reopening gala of the Blackwater Mountain Lodge in British Columbia comes to an abrupt ending when the breaking of an old photo of the long dead founder of the lodge triggers ghostly activity and a disembodied voice ordering everyone out.
  • They Lurk Beneath
    They Lurk Beneath
    Episode 13
    An archaeologist who is digging for ancient Peruvian relics accidentally opens a portal to an underworld – unleashing an ancient civilization of aliens who have been living in the Earth’s core.

  • Nightmare of the Coven
    When strange things start happening at an all-girls boarding school, Diana goes undercover as a student and finds that an ancient witch is trying to take over the school. It is up to Martin and Java to stop the witch and save Diana who has been turned into one of her minions.moreless
  • Return of the Dark Druid
    A kid accidentally unleashes an ancient spirit looking for revenge, but before this spirit can get revenge he must free himself. So he starts to turn people into trees, but Martin and the gang are sent off to stop him.
  • Eternal Christmas
    Eternal Christmas
    Episode 10
    Martin and Diana find themselves in a snowglobe world. They discover that a lonely man desiring a perfect, eternal X-mas, broke a magic snow globe, causing its contents to be released and come to life. Martin and Diana, with the help of Billy and Java must force the contents back into the globe before they become trapped forever.moreless
  • Shriek from Beyond
    Shriek from Beyond
    Episode 9
    A boat crashes into an icy cliff and frees a siren trapped in the ice for 50 years. Now Martin and Java must overcome her compelling melody and stop her from killing all of the men in the town.
  • Attack of the Sandman
    At a university in Vancouver, MD&J realize that a professor doing experimental sleep research has unwittingly unleashed the Sandman, a mythical creature who traps sleeping people in his nightmare world. In order to stop him, MD&J must journey into the nightmare world and confront their own fears.
  • It Came from Inside the Box
    MD & J are sent to investigate weird happenings in a small town. They realize that a Pandora-like box is the source of all the town’s chaos. In order to stop the pandemonium, they must enter another dimension – a dimension inhabited by a legendary chaos demon
  • Mystery of the Vanishing
    When an entire train disappears MD&J discover that it has gone through a space-time portal and ended up in a paradise world – a world inhabited by a seemingly perfect 1960s family named the Appleby’s who have made a deal with Zook, an evil “lava monster” that feeds off the life-force of humans.moreless
  • Mark of the Shapeshifter
    When land developers start to destroy an Indian burial ground, the workers suddenly start to go missing. It turns out that local Native Americans are shape shifting into werewolves. MD&J try to stop the beasts, but their task is made more complicated when they are bitten and banished to a mystical spirit world.moreless
  • Curse of the Deep
    Curse of the Deep
    Episode 4
    An ancient treasure chest is unearthed from the bottom of the sea. This awakes the Leviathan who is a giant sea monster whose job it is to protect the treasure. Diana ends up being swallowed whole by the creature and Martin and Java must, literally, journey into the belly of the beast to save Diana before it’s too late.moreless
  • The Creeping Slime
    The Creeping Slime
    Episode 3
    A mysterious creature starts attacking an oil shack. When Martin and the gang are sent to investigate, they find themselves heading towards a small island. There they meet some very friendly islanders as well as a strange Shaman who has something to hide...
  • Terror from the Sky

    Martin and his team are sent to investigate giant insects terrorizing a small desert town. The source of the problem is a radioactive meteorite that is reanimating the fossils of giant, ancient deadly bugs.

  • It Came from the Bog
    The series main heroes; Martin, Diana, and Java are sent to France to solve paranormal activity causing children to disappear. Once they arrive, they soon find out that a magical story book has been uncovered causing the Boogeyman to be freed and now he is taking naughty kids to his mysterious bog world.moreless