Martin Mystery - Season 2

YTV (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Germs From Beyond
    Germs From Beyond
    Episode 14
    While sick with a mystery illness Martin, Java & Diana are quarantined in the Center's medical wing and reminisce about their past adventures. Due to a misunderstanding they think MOM has decided to terminate them before they can spread the sickness and flee deeper into the Center unaware that the real cause of the alarm is that the Boogeyman has escaped and they're heading right for him!moreless
  • They Came From The Gateway (Part 2 of 2)
    It's the final episode of the season and things are looking pretty final as monsters appear all over the world and overwhelm all the Center agents while the now evil MOM and the Gatekeeper unite to destroy Martin, Diana, Java and Billy. Is this the end of the line for the gang and the Center?moreless
  • They Came From The Gateway (Part 1 of 2)
    When M.O.M. ceases to return from her Jamaican vacation, Billy calls in Martin, Diana & Java to investigate (despite the fact that Martin has been temporarily suspended from the Center). They uncover what M.O.M. was really up to – she was on a secret mission to unlock the Gateway To The Underworld!moreless
  • The Third Eye
    The Third Eye
    Episode 11
    While Marvin has left Torrington Martin is irked that everyone (particularly Jenny) is still talking about him rather than paying any attention to his extreme sports stunts. So his jealousy kicks into overdrive when he discovers that MOM has made Marvin a Center agent and assigned him to work with Martin and Diana on their latest mission to investigate odd incidents at the Scopes Institute (a school for the blind). With Marvin out to flaunt his superiority, Martin seething with jealousy and Diana drooling over Marvin is anyone on the team focused enough to figure out what's really going on before the banished sorcerers called the Seers succeed in returning to spread chaos across the Earth?moreless
  • Monster Movie Mayhem
    Martin's attempts at filming his own horror movie are interrupted when a giant ant emerges from the screen of the local Drive-In which is showing an old sci-fi movie about giant insects. Martin and Diana soon discover a 500 year curse is bringing imaginary monsters to life and since Java was playing the creature in Martin's movie he's been transformed into a real radioactive swamp zombie. To make matters worse if the monsters aren't all defeated by sunrise they'll become indestructible and Torrington will never be rid of them.moreless
  • The Body-Swapper
    The Body-Swapper
    Episode 9
    MOM and Diana decide to break Martin of his habit of always borrowing their stuff. But that's soon overshadowed by the problems at the Center's base in the Canadian Arctic where Martin has the choice of co-operating with his old rival Marvin (who blames Martin for his transfer to the frozen tundra) or becoming a host for the bodysnatching creature that's been accidentally unearthed and is growing stronger with every host it takes.moreless
  • The Lost Tribe
    The Lost Tribe
    Episode 8
    Looking for two missing Center agents strands the gang in the long lost underground city of Alpha-Omega. The Alpha-Omegans mistake the bald headed (thanks to a hairdressing accident) Diana for their missing Queen and the sign they've been waiting for to begin their conquest of the surface world
  • Zombie Island
    Zombie Island
    Episode 7
    Martin, Diana & Java are sent to a Caribbean resort where people have gone missing. They find that the resort is actually run by shapeshifting zombies who are sacrificing the vacationers to a sea creature called Hexan.
  • You Do Voodoo
    You Do Voodoo
    Episode 6
    After an incident at the school library Martin claims Diana is a "goody two-shoes". So she drastically changes her image in order to prove that she can be a bad girl when she wants. At the Center Mom tells them that there was a bizarre attack on the mayor or Stillwater, Louisiana by an invisible force and sends them to investigate. After a few more weird events they discover that a corrupt politician is using Voodoo Dolls to eliminate his competition. He intends to win the mayoral race and end up in the mayor's office. An office that was built to conceal an evil Shaman's lair. Once he harnesses the power of an ancient artifact hidden below he will become an unstoppable voodoo priest!moreless
  • Crypt Of The Djini
    Crypt Of The Djini
    Episode 5
    At a Sydney, Australia museum, a robber is surrounded by a mysterious green mist. The group is sent to investigate. They discover that they were up against a genie who wanted to cause chaos all over the world. Java and Diana are rendered helpless by the genie's power. Can Martin stop the genie before it's too late?moreless
  • The Vampire Returns
    Martin and the gang are off to France to check out the mysterious disappearance of two teens on a boat ride. When they find that one of the teens who went missing works at a Surf shop, they head over there to check it out, and find a vampire who is sucking the souls out of people. She captures Martin and forces Diana and Java to go and rescue him.moreless
  • Attack of the Slime People
    Martin, Diana & Java investigate a small western town who’s entire population seems to have disappeared over night. Suddenly, the people return to the town, but they all seem a little different.
  • They Came From Outer Space (Part 2 of 2)
    MOM reveals Billy's hidden life as Ganthar, destroyer of worlds before he abandoned his old name, form and way of life and joined the Center. She send the gang to trade the captured aliens for Billy unaware that once the aliens reunite they'll be able to call in reinforcements and destroy the earth! The only one who can stop them is Billy but to do that he'll have to become Ganthar again and he might not want to change back.moreless
  • They Came From Outer Space (Part 1 of 2)
    People living in New Mexico near the Los Lunas nuclear power plant wake up missing hair and teeth and also seem to be appearing in two places at once. When Martin, Diana & Java arrive to investigate they find some evidence of alien involvement that freaks Billy out and forces him reveal his hidden past as Ganthar, the leader of a gang of extraterrestrial pirates.moreless