Martin Mystery

Season 2 Episode 2

They Came From Outer Space (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Oct 29, 2004 on YTV

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  • After watching part 1,I had to watch Part 2!

    Well Part 2 aired right after Part 1.Nicktoons always airs it in one hour.Part 2 was the best!We learn more about Billy's past and how he joined the Center.This was very exciting!Every moment is worth watching.But one thing does not make sense,why did they try to destroy the transmitter when they knew the Mothership was coming?There is no point in destroying it.And they should have shown the invaders more.All they did was make them look like they just wanted to kill Billy and that's it.There was more to their character than just that!The invaders were awful though.But this was a very good episode!It really got me into MM.It makes me wonder why I ever hated MM.I think that if you hate MM,you should at least try this episode.
  • After they relize Billy is with the alien,they call M.O.M.She calls them back once she hears they were calling him Ganthar.She tells Martin,Diana and Java about his past and they find out he used to be one of them.They need Billy to change into Ganthar.

    This was the best Martin Mystery episode ever.Here's why:Billy's past is finally revealed,Ganthar kills those idiot aliens,and he saves the world. This episode was the way it got me intrested in this show.The reason why this is at the highest score is because it has everything a good episode should have.Like horror,wasn't Ganthar scary?The only thing i didn't like about this episode was those three invaders.They were ugly and mean to Billy.Why didn't they just leave him alone?I can't blame him for getting sick of being evil.So he wasn't always the good little alien we know and love today,but who cares that he was savage and powerful and gave me nightmares when he turned into Ganthar.I also like Billy after this episode because I rally felt bad for him after seeing being tormented by the aliens.And because he saved the whole entire world by himself.And because he is really cute and nice.So anyway this is becoming my longest review ever as well as being this first.And happy birthday Billy!{I'm late but who cares?}
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