Martin Mystery

Season 2 Episode 2

They Came From Outer Space (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Oct 29, 2004 on YTV



  • Trivia

    • In the recap of Part one at the beginning of the episode, they showed a guard standing behind Martin as Martin was doing a slime scan. However, the guard was not there in the original scene in part 1.

    • They knew the mothership was coming already, so why did they destroy the transmitter?

    • Martin, Diana and Java drive from New Mexico to Egypt in a couple of hours without the Center's assistance. How they do this in never mentioned but we have to assume Martin's watch created a portal.

  • Quotes

    • Diana: Talk about not knowing someone, Billy's closet has more skeletons than a graveyard.

    • Martin: Oh, man. I can't believe that slimy goofball just escaped with Billy!
      Java: Java no believe either. What goofball?
      Diana: I'll give you a hint. If you look it up in a dictionary, you'll see a picture of Martin.
      Martin: (sarcastic) Ha ha! That's so funny I forgot to laugh!

    • Martin: (after they are captured) Go ahead. Say "I told you so".
      Diana: I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!! Oh, thanks, that feels much better now. (relieved)
      (After Billy transformed into Ganthar and crashed through the metal wall)
      Diana: I hope he's still on our side. (worried)
      Martin: He didn't crush us. That's a good sign.

    • Diana: I can't believe he's gone.
      M.O.M.: I can't quite wrap my noggin around it either.
      Martin: It seems just like yesterday the little guy was popping up and in out of inopportune moments scaring the snot out of us on missions.
      Java: Billy hero.
      Billy: (popped up out of nowhere) Hey dudes.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Independence Day:

      The aliens in this episode are known for stripping planets of their resources. this is a theme in many sci-fi movies, particularly Independence Day.