Martin Mystery

Season 2 Episode 12

They Came From The Gateway (Part 1 of 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Oct 26, 2004 on YTV
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They Came From The Gateway (Part 1 of 2)
When M.O.M. ceases to return from her Jamaican vacation, Billy calls in Martin, Diana & Java to investigate (despite the fact that Martin has been temporarily suspended from the Center). They uncover what M.O.M. was really up to – she was on a secret mission to unlock the Gateway To The Underworld!moreless

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  • MOM hasn't return from her mission, so Martin, Diana, and Java go out to find her.

    When MOM has had enough of Martin's behavior in her office, he is suspended from the Center for 2 weeks. Ironically, Martin scored a 901 from his college exam and Diana was surprised. Meanwhile, Billy called the gang to help him find MOM and Martin thought MOM called him to apologize to her and that wasn't the reason he was called to the Center. So the gang agreed to find MOM and she was last seen on a mission in Tibet and the gang are heading there and they know that she's looking for something that is called The Gateway, on their journey, several monsters they haven't seen before attacked them but they got away and they finally found the Gateway Entrance and entered in and they found MOM in an glowing yellow energy field and it was a trick, MOM trapped the gang in the energy field and the evil was too strong for her so it took control of her and the monsters inside the Gateway are free to do their reign of terror. Not a bad start for a two- part episode, and I thought this first half of this episode was exciting and Evil MOM was freaky and cool at the same time.moreless

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    • Martin: (after he found a hat with antlers in MOM's office) I'd take a two week suspension any day to see MOM in this.

    • Martin: (to the gatekeeper, asking about MOM) Um, excuse me. Have you seen a tall lady, uptight, probably bossed you around?
      Gatekeeper: I only see the truth.
      Diana: Uh, that's sounds like a no. Let's go. Sorry to trouble you, we'll be leaving.
      Martin: Uh, not so fast. Check out that door. It must be the Gateway MOM was looking for.
      Gatekeeper: If you wish to enter, you must answer.
      Martin: Answer what? Like a test? Oh, cool. I rock at tests.
      Diana: That test was a fluke! Please, let's go!
      Gatekeeper: Those who correctly may pass, those who fail...
      Diana: Those who fail get thrown off the mountain. It's not worth it, Martin.
      Martin: You just don't want me to show you up again. Well, too bad. (walks toward to the Gatekeeper) Question, please.
      Gatekeeper: Very well. Though force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can easily do. And on the thresh should, many would stand, were not for I a friend in hand. Tell me, young man. What am I?
      Diana: Martin, think carefully. we only have one shot at this. Take your--
      Martin: A key!
      Diana: Oh, great you blew it!
      Gatekeeper: Correct. You may pass.

    • (after MOM saw Martin destroyed her office with various chemicals)
      MOM: Martin Mystery, that is the last straw! Your childish behavior will end immediately!
      Martin: But, it was an accident.
      MOM: That's what you said the last ten times you've obliterated my office, it's time to change your ways!
      Martin: You want me to change my ways? Fine! I'll change my ways.
      MOM: I'm glad to hear it.
      Martin: Yeah, I'll change the way I always solve my cases, I'll change the way I meant your concept second call, I'll change the way I saved the world more offend than Java forgets to change a shirt!
      MOM: Well, if that's the attitude you're going to have. I suggest you reevaluate things during your two week SUSPENSION!!!!!

    • Martin: If MOM runs the underworld like she runs the Center we're all in big trouble.

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