Martin Mystery

Season 2 Episode 13

They Came From The Gateway (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Oct 27, 2004 on YTV



  • Trivia

    • This would seem like the last episode of the series, but it's not; an episode (more like a clip show), titled "Germs From Beyond" recently aired, showing clips from this episode. Logically, since it was a clip show, it would be far more likely that that episode would be the series finale.

    • I realize this is the last episode of the season and possibly the last episode of the series if it doesn't get renewed so they wanted to resolve a few things but MOM shutting down the whole Center because they've sealed away all Earth's evil seems incredibly shortsighted. What about all the extraterrestrial threats they've faced that were either lying dormant then awoke to cause chaos or the trouble cause by aliens who've arrived more recently? Without the Center who's monitoring alien spacecraft in Earth's vicinity? Or what about the creatures created by scientists doing illegal genetic experimentation like the Ratman and the Mothman. Who's going to handle the next batch of mad scientists? Even if she thinks she's just taken care of all the supernatural menaces she should know better than anyone that the Center's still needed.

    • How did Billy make that portal suck in the Gatekeeper? Until now portals have been inert until someone walks through them. If, for example, it had opened into the vacuum of space so there's a big air pressure difference on the other side I could see that happening but it just dumps the gatekeeper in an unidentified city.

  • Quotes

    • Martin: Uh, maybe "give" is a bit strong. Why don't you just "lend" us the key and we'll get it back to you tomorrow?
      Gatekeeper: There isn't going to be a tomorrow!

    • Diana: MOM, are you alright?
      MOM: Between being evil and being zapped with an electrical force field, this hasn't been a better day.

    • Martin: I knew it. The force field had just enough energy to uncreaturify MOM.
      Diana: Uh, Martin. There's no such word as "uncreaturify."
      Martin: Uh, there is now.

    • Martin: Okay, evildoer, the party's over! Give me that key and nobody gets hurt!
      MOM: Oh, why me?

    • Diana: (about Martin trying to infuriate Evil MOM) Martin, what are you doing?
      Martin: Don't worry, it's part of my plan.

    • Evil MOM: While I'm here I might as well eliminate the Center's best agents!
      Martin: She called us her best agents. Huh? I think I like this MOM better.

    • Martin: Except MOM blew it and was possessed by the evil she went there to destroy and now she's trying to destroy the world. Y'know my screw ups are nothing compared to hers.

  • Notes

    • This may look like the final episode of the series. In the end of this episode the Gatekeeper returns at the center and smiles about something. I'm not sure about this but maybe the Gatekeeper will create another Gateway that will set evil to roam earth once again. And after that MOM will realize that evil is back and open the center again in a new location and Martin, Diana and Java will be back in business. And maybe Martin Mystery will have a new title like Totally Spies: Undercover. And Martin will have a new U-Watch and new gadgets like Totally Spies having new gadgets.

    • Diana got a 901 on the college placement tests, Martin got a 106 but is Martin really nine times less intelligent than Diana or is it just that with his focus on the paranormal he's lacking in the general knowledge standardized tests are based on?

    • The Mothman from "Attack Of the Mothman" is still locked in the Center's detention area. Looks like they haven't figured out how to change the poor guy back to normal yet despite MOM's optimistic prediction at the end of that episode

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