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  • Season 3 Episode 25: It's Alive (Part 1)

  • M.O.M. says that Diana seems to mess up all the time while Martin doesn't, which isn't true. Martin has turned into several things such as a baby, vampire, Crisbangor, pirate and Gastromo and Diana had to save him. She even had to save M.O.M. several times. So M.O.M. should be fair and give Diana a pass.

  • Season 3 Episode 24: Rage of the Leprechaun

  • The first appearance of Marvin in season 3.

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Curse of the Six-String S...

  • First time Martin ever had so many girls going after him

  • Season 3 Episode 20: Journey Into Terrorland

  • First and only time Jenny calls Martin her boyfriend.

  • Jenny finds out that Martin is a secret agent, but in the end, the Center erased her memory.

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Lovespell From the Underw...

  • When Martin left his diary out, he left it on the section about Diana. However, when Diana saw it, it was on the section about Java and she never even turned a page yet.

  • When Martin left his room, he left the Center controlling system open and he left his diary out. When Billy came in Martin's room later it was hidden and the diary was not out. However, when Diana came in his room the Center controlling system was out the same way he left it and his diary was out.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Return Of The Djini

  • In the flashback scene when Martin traps the Djini back into the skull, he says, "I wish that you go back from once you came". But in the actual episode he says, "I wish that you would go back to where you came from".

  • Second appearance Of The Djini.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: Day Of The Shadows Part (2)

  • Martin says that his date with Caitlin is his first date. However, he dated Jenny once in season 1.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: The House Of Zombies

  • This episode references Sam Rami's "Evil Dead" movies in several scenes. The scene where MOM gets possessed while facing the window then turns to reveal she's transformed into a zombie and starts levitating was right out of the first movie. As was the scene where zombie MOM's locked in the cellar below cabin beneath a chained down trapdoor that she keeps trying to break through.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Wrath Of The Torrington Worm

  • Martin's dad finally learns about the Center and that Martin and Diana were agents there for a long time.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Web Of The Spider Creature

  • MOM is the new Biology teacher in Martin's class after the early retirement of the previous teacher.

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Curse Of The Looking Glass

  • Every boy Darlene touched turned into a Crisbangor. However, when they were going on top of the roof, she helped Billy onto the roof. This means she touched him and he is a boy. So why didn't he turn into a crisbangor?

  • First time Martin's home center controller is used and seen and will be used for the rest of the season

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Germs From Beyond

  • At the end of "It Came From The Bog" the Boogeyman was sealed away inside the magic book which MOM said was going to be locked away inside the Center. Since he couldn't get out unless someone opened the book why did MOM let the Boogeyman out of his secure prison inside the book to put him in a much easier to escape Center prison cell?

  • What happened to all the Center agents who were backing up MOM & Billy? None of them fired and in fact once MOM and Billy open fire on the Boogeyman we don't see them again for the rest of the episode

  • You said in the episode synopsis that Martin, Diana, and Java were trapped in a cell. well, why couldn't they just turn on martin's U-watch and open a portal out of there?
    Editor's Note - Probably because a lot of Center agents were pointing guns at them and they figured they'd get zapped if they tried anything They should have done that in the first place instead of running around the Centre frantically. in the episode "The Beast Within" martin's U-watch was able to open a portal to anywhere in the complex. so they could have just opened a door out. But I guess they wanted to add more excitement into it or it'll seem so boring.Editor's Note - That's been a long running goof in this series. Once they established in that episode that the U-Watch could generate portals (and since Billy can pop out of anywhere there doesn't seem to be an limitations on where in the world portals can be used) you realize there's been plenty of episodes where they should have used it to escape dangerous situations but didn't since that would have killed the excitement
    Why didn't MOM or Billy tell them anything about the problem? Billy should have explained why he took out that big gun when they were in the quarantine section of the medical wing. (but then, Billy did have a knack for scaring or freaking them out when they were on their missions….)
    Editor's Note - Also Martin's lousy lipreading convinced the gang to run off before Billy could get close enough to say anything
    and why didn't MOM say anything to Martin and Diana about why she wasn't lowering her gun at them.
    Editor's Note - MOM's never been much on explaining to her subordinates. That's why no-one knew where she'd gone and what she was trying to do in "They Came From The Gateway" so no one was prepared when she got possessed by evil which almost lead to the end of the World
    That would have really helped the situation for Martin and Diana. (if you look at it this way it was MOM's fault that the Boogeyman escaped and Martin and Diana nearly got a heart attack…. but this is just my opinion anyways) I think they still got to know what's happening, even if they can't do anything to help MOM, they would still be more prepared for it if they do happen to come across it.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: They Came From The Gatewa...

  • This would seem like the last episode of the series, but it's not; an episode (more like a clip show), titled "Germs From Beyond" recently aired, showing clips from this episode. Logically, since it was a clip show, it would be far more likely that that episode would be the series finale.

  • I realize this is the last episode of the season and possibly the last episode of the series if it doesn't get renewed so they wanted to resolve a few things but MOM shutting down the whole Center because they've sealed away all Earth's evil seems incredibly shortsighted. What about all the extraterrestrial threats they've faced that were either lying dormant then awoke to cause chaos or the trouble cause by aliens who've arrived more recently? Without the Center who's monitoring alien spacecraft in Earth's vicinity? Or what about the creatures created by scientists doing illegal genetic experimentation like the Ratman and the Mothman. Who's going to handle the next batch of mad scientists? Even if she thinks she's just taken care of all the supernatural menaces she should know better than anyone that the Center's still needed.

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