Martin Mystery

Season 3 Episode 4

Web Of The Spider Creature

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Sep 26, 2005 on YTV
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Web Of The Spider Creature
When Martin and Diana's biology teacher is forced into "early retirement" because of the unorthodox/non-Torrington approved experiments he was performing in his lab, Martin is completely thrilled - maybe they'll finally get some new blood (preferably of the female variety) to teach the class.

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  • Good creepy creature, mutant spiders are always good monsters

    Another Torrington based episode which seems to be the standard for season two. In the second season Martin and Diana keep stumbling across weird events on their own and contacting the Center for help rather than being called to the Center early in the episode for assignments. So they\'re doing less around the world travelling and working more locally.

    A noteable event in this episode is that MOM goes undercover at Torrington as a biology teacher under the name of Ms. Olivia Mandale though if this actually what MOM stands for or just an alias she\'s using is unclear. It\'s also unclear why The Center is suddenly taking an interest in Martin\'s grades since he\'s been consistently portayed as a poor student since the start of the series. This also became an issue in the \"Wrath Of The Torrington Worm\" episode so I\'m guessing its a (kinda) subtle message from the producers about keeping your grades up.

    Anyway it\'s good on the creepiness factor with the spider monster stalking the dark hallways of Torrington and the mysterious disappearances. Martin gets to save the day by himself showing he may be a poor student but he\'s a good Center agentmoreless

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    • (Diana knocks on MOM's door and MOM opens it. Martin & Diana freaked out because of MOM's mud mask on her face)
      : This better be important.
      Martin: It is. We found this weird web and Principal Pebbleton's straight penny loafer. By the way, what's on your face?
      M.O.M.: It's a mud mask. Now save your spider web and wayward shoe stories for creative writing and get back to studying Biology.
      Diana: But, but-
      M.O.M.: No more disruptions! I need my beauty sleep.

    • Martin: Okay, Dr. Science, do you what's this weird web is?
      Diana: Oh, sure, it's a... Ew, gross?

    • Martin: Oh, I can't believe M.O.M. thought I was lying to get out of studying!
      Diana: Yeah, that's so unlike you.

    • Martin: (after Mr. Black destroys his MP3) Hey, I saved months for that! As in now, it's personal, and I'm not using science to beat you, just good old fashioned brute force!
      Mr. Black: Beat me with only two arms and two legs?

    • Mr. Black: (after trapping Diana and Java) And last, but least, Martin. Prepare to be taught a painful lesson!

    • Diana: Martin, what are you doing?
      : It's like they always say, "When you have stuff to hide, bury it in the basement".
      : Who says that?

    • Mr. Black: Well, what a pleasant surprise! My favorite people Diana, her rat scallion sidekick Martin, and the man who works in the cafeteria. Come in, come in!

    • Martin: (after Diana drops her book on his foot) Don't worry, I'm fine!

    • Diana: (after Martin called Mr. Black and his assignment freaky) Excuse me, but Mr. Black and the assignment are both way cool. And did you know noise pollution can weaken us emotionally and physically?
      Martin: Get real, Diana. The only time school's cool is when it's closed.

    • Diana: Mr. Black, what happened to your wrists?
      Mr. Black: Never you mind.

    • Martin: (after the door is stuck) Hey, school is closed!
      Diana: No, it isn't. You just have to push.

    • Martin: Sorry, but it's time for extermination.
      Mr. Black: That's funny because you were always the pest!

    • Martin: What kind of man would do this?
      Mr. Black: Who said it was a man?

    • Mr. Black: (to his spider) Relax, my dear, you'll be free in no time.

    • Diana: I just wish I had a chance to say goodbye to Mr. Black.

    • Diana: I get it. Ms. Olivia Mandale, M.O.M. Cool!
      : Not cool! Mr. Black was bad enough, M.O.M. will be way harder on me! Ooh, I gotta switch s or fake sick for the semester!

    • Martin: (after M.O.M. told him that he's gonna be tested) Mr. Black, come back!

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