Martin Mystery

Season 2 Episode 6

You Do Voodoo

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Sep 15, 2004 on YTV
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You Do Voodoo
After an incident at the school library Martin claims Diana is a "goody two-shoes". So she drastically changes her image in order to prove that she can be a bad girl when she wants. At the Center Mom tells them that there was a bizarre attack on the mayor or Stillwater, Louisiana by an invisible force and sends them to investigate. After a few more weird events they discover that a corrupt politician is using Voodoo Dolls to eliminate his competition. He intends to win the mayoral race and end up in the mayor's office. An office that was built to conceal an evil Shaman's lair. Once he harnesses the power of an ancient artifact hidden below he will become an unstoppable voodoo priest!moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • How did Diana get to the Center anyway? The portal closed after Java stepped through and past episodes have established that she doesn't have her own U-watch.

      • Why did bad girl Diana object to Martin using the voodoo doll to bounce Stiles around? She should have been asking for her own turn.(Though she is bad, she still finds anything Martin does annoying.)

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Java: (As they drive through the swamp) Freaky.
        Diana: Tell me about it. This place is scarier than Martin's room on laundry day.
        Martin: (To Java) But not as scary as Diana's sudden multiple personality disorder.

      • Billy: Uh...where's Diana?
        Martin: Looks like Miss Goody Two-shoes is running late.
        Billy: Strange, she's usually a stickler for punctuality, not to mention every rule and by-law ever invented.

      • Martin: Now I know you're just a goody two-shoes, Di, but you should really take a chill pill!
        Diana: I am not a goody two-shoes! I just have a healthy respect for authority, that's all.
        Martin: (laughs) Hello, you've never met a rule you didn't like and you know it. You're squeaky clean, a square, a goody-goody!

      • Diana: I have never seen such a favor disregard for the Dewey decimal system!
        Martin: Dewey what? Sorry, but I'm afraid it's official. You've come down with a bad case of goody two-shoes!

      • Martin: Hey, look at this! Someone misspelled our names in the case report and they even filled on the wrong date!
        Diana: Now that's just being lazy! Regulation 5, subsection 3 clearly states that the date must be corrected on all... Hey, it's a blank.
        (Martin and Java laugh)
        Martin: Gotcha!
        Diana: Ha ha ha, very funny.

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