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Martin is a sassy sitcom centering on a radio-and-television personality named Martin Payne. The series focuses on Martin's romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina Waters, his job changes from a radio personality to a television personality, and the variety of friends Martin hangs out with along the way: the loud-mouthed and sassy Pam James and his best friends Tommy Strong and Cole Brown.
Star, Martin Lawrence, also portrays of host of wild characters on the show. His neighbor Sheneneh; his mother Mama Payne; Otis the security guard; Jerome the gold-toothed player; Roscoe the snot-nosed kid who's always looking for a leg up; Bob, the white guy, King-Beef, Elroy, and many more.
Martin is the center of attention, as each episode takes you from one hilarious circumstance to another. Hijinks, laughter, quick-witted banter, and lots a love, make this series one to last forever.
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  • Good!!!

    This was a good show it had a lot of funny characters from the main ones to the alter ego's of martin lawrence like the ghetto fabolous shenehneh and The outdated player Jerome and the funny recurring characters like bruh man and hustle man But it stayed on a little too long judging by the corny episodes from the last seasons.
  • What happened to Martin Lawrence?

    Great writting, cast, everything. LOVED JAMIE FOXX's characters.
  • Top notch jokes!

    If you're looking for a 90's classic, you've come to the right place! This series covers family life, life in a studio, life as a comedian, life as the better neighbor, and the actors give 110% into their role playing. I always laugh with this show... a great pick me up for your day. Highly Recommend Martin and Gina!
  • The funniest show of all time

    Martin is my favorite show of all time. I liked all the characters he played likesheneneh, roscoe, jerome, old otis, mama payne, elroy preston, bob, king beef. One of my favorite episodes is the episode where old otis was gina and pams bodyguard after they witnessed a bank robbery. Another one of my favorite episodes is the one when martins cd player was missing and he thought his friends stole it. To me, martin is the funniest show of all time.moreless
  • WHAZUP!!!

    Really really really luved this show. Still watching the old episodes on MTV2 n TVOne. Would laugh at all the cracks Martin n Pam traded 2 each other. Was watchin 1 of my fav episodes earlier when Martin, Gina, Tommy, n Pam went 2 this resort, n they fought this possum lookin thing, n at the end Pam went, "That thing out-weighed yo little ass." n Martin replied, "I know it was hard 2 fight a family member." I busted out laughing so hard, the neighbors though I was killing sumbody. I also luved the other characters Martin played. Mama Payne, Jerome, Sheneneh. I mostly like the Sheneneh character. She reminded me of this girl that I used 2 went 2 school with. If Martin had a spin-off, Sheneneh should b the main character n call it after 1 of the episode from Season 1 called, "Forever Sheneneh."moreless

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