Season 5 Episode 24

California, Here We Come (2)

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM May 01, 1997 on FOX

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  • Isaac

  • The final episode signified the end of an era. This show will never be duplicated.

    I was upset to see Martin go off of the air. I am more upset that we, the audience, never finds out what Tommy does for a living. After all those years of him beating around the bush about his job, only to be met with--"you ain't got no job man," it would have been nice to know what his profession was. Also, I am mad that the spin off series for Tichina Arnold never took off.
  • This episode brings a excellent ending.

    Its hard to see the episode end without seeing Tisha and Martin in different scenes, because of what happend during the season. I liked the way the show ended, but what I don\'t understand is why Pam said \'I\'m not going to L.A\' SHE\'S AN A.R AGENT! She should be able to go all around the country, including L.A, and why not Tommy and Cole move to L.A with them? But it\'s just me rambling about the show ending. Anyway great ending to a great show.