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  • Good!!!

    This was a good show it had a lot of funny characters from the main ones to the alter ego's of martin lawrence like the ghetto fabolous shenehneh and The outdated player Jerome and the funny recurring characters like bruh man and hustle man But it stayed on a little too long judging by the corny episodes from the last seasons.
  • What happened to Martin Lawrence?

    Great writting, cast, everything. LOVED JAMIE FOXX's characters.
  • Top notch jokes!

    If you're looking for a 90's classic, you've come to the right place! This series covers family life, life in a studio, life as a comedian, life as the better neighbor, and the actors give 110% into their role playing. I always laugh with this show... a great pick me up for your day. Highly Recommend Martin and Gina!
  • The funniest show of all time


    Martin is my favorite show of all time. I liked all the characters he played likesheneneh, roscoe, jerome, old otis, mama payne, elroy preston, bob, king beef. One of my favorite episodes is the episode where old otis was gina and pams bodyguard after they witnessed a bank robbery. Another one of my favorite episodes is the one when martins cd player was missing and he thought his friends stole it. To me, martin is the funniest show of all time.

  • WHAZUP!!!

    Really really really luved this show. Still watching the old episodes on MTV2 n TVOne. Would laugh at all the cracks Martin n Pam traded 2 each other. Was watchin 1 of my fav episodes earlier when Martin, Gina, Tommy, n Pam went 2 this resort, n they fought this possum lookin thing, n at the end Pam went, "That thing out-weighed yo little ass." n Martin replied, "I know it was hard 2 fight a family member." I busted out laughing so hard, the neighbors though I was killing sumbody. I also luved the other characters Martin played. Mama Payne, Jerome, Sheneneh. I mostly like the Sheneneh character. She reminded me of this girl that I used 2 went 2 school with. If Martin had a spin-off, Sheneneh should b the main character n call it after 1 of the episode from Season 1 called, "Forever Sheneneh."
  • Never a dull episode with Martin and his friends - along with his vast array of characters. True comedy.

    Martin puts a lot of effort into the roles he plays but his neighbor Sheneneh is beyond side splitting. His style of grouchy, smart mouthed, wise cracking is so typical of most people and is one reason why it is so funny. I think we can relate to it as if it was a day in our lives. I recorded every episode on VHS back in the day - I am so glad for the DVDs of the series now... Not a week goes by that we are not watching at least one disc and saying ALL the lines right along with the cast. Still just as funny as if we had never seen any of them before!
  • The series focuses on Martin's romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina Waters, his job changes from a radio personality to a television personality, and the variety of friends Martin hangs out with along the way.

    My mom use to watch this series everytime it came on television when I was a kid. So, I would watch the show also when it came on and I find it to be very funny. Every week I would watch this show with my mom and I loved it. I was sad when the series ended because I pretty much lived for this series at the time. To those who love Martin Lawrence and/or comedy series then you might want to go on the computer and try to see where you can find it. I am glad I was able to watch this series when I could. Good luck to those who go looking for this series.
  • A funny show.

    Martin is one of my favorite shows. It was really funny and they had good actors. I liked all the charatacters especially bro man he was my favorite. I liked cole better than tommy but i liked them both. I just started watching this show about two months ago. My favorite eposiode was when Martin was looking for a topic for his show and Gina gave him an idea and he liked it where the first time Gina and Martin met and there are all making lies to make each other look good until Tommy tells the truth that was a good one.
  • This was one of my favorite episodes of Martin it was really funny especially with the special effects, I really enjoyed watching this episode.

    In this episode Pam's mentally crazy cousin breaks out of the metal hospital and decides to comes visit Pam, Pam didn't know anything about her being mentally retarded. So when the men that worked there mistakes Pam for Tammy and take her in instead. Pam know's that she doesn't belong in that metal hospital so she has to think of a plan to get out and fast. Meanwhile Tammy is at Pam's house having the time of her life at a party for Pam. Will Martin have to come and save Pam? Watch the episode and see what happens next! It a very exciting and suspense full episode!!
  • i never laughed so hard as i did every time i watched this twisted classic.

    If comedy is all about laughing, then Martin hit the spot as well as anything.
    Yeah, a lot of it was reworked and cliched. But the guy's funny as hell, and he had a helluva' supporting cast.
    His buddies made him look cool, establishing him as the "star."
    His verbal jousts with Pam brought "the dozens" and other such gems of urban culture to the mainstream. Not for the first time, but made the whole thing palatable.
    And his relationship with Gina was the stuff that the best of sitcom romances are made of.
    The classic sitcom.
  • Cool!

    "Martin" is one of the best television shows of all time. It is by far the funniest black sitcom ever created, far surpassing breakthrough shows like "The Jeffersons" and "Good Times". The 70's sitcom "What's Happening!!" is the only other show that comes close. When you watch a comedy show, it is common to smile, chuckle or laugh - but when you watch "Martin", particularly the first two to three seasons, you find yourself laughing so hard it hurts. This is a laugh out loud and stomp your feet show thanks to a brilliant comic talent - Martin Lawrence. Many people who I have talked to about this show have said they "don't get it" and that the rapid fire urban cultural references fly over their heads. I say, exactly. This show is clever and sharp and if you actually laugh at crap like "Will & Grace", you won't "get" this show either. Unlike every other pale, bland humored show out there, "Martin" is full flavored, knock you on your ass funny. Do not miss the chance to see it every time its rerun, you'll be witnessing t.v. sitcom history.
  • An outstanding addition to the '90s! The decade wouldn't have been quite complete without it...

    Unquestionably one of the best sitcoms in the history of television. Martin and Gina were the young, modern and "'90s" version of Cliff and Claire, Lucy and Ricky, and George and Weezy, all rolled into one!

    Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy, Cole and every single other character on the show (whether played by Martin or not) each brought something unique to the equation. The show as a whole was and still is entertaining in every sense of the word and will have you laughing in tears, while following all of the gang's uncontrollable situations, crazy antics and hilarious circumstances. It was unfortunate that the majority of the last season consisted of episodes where Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell couldn't be in the same scenes together, due to an off-camera issue...and it would have been nice for things to end on a more natural note, but at least it did have an official "final" episode and the show had a great run while it lasted!

    Put it this way: I've seen every single episode of this show about 700 times and could easily watch them 700 more...and still manage to long for an additional 700 after that!!

    That's how serious it is.
  • About a man and his wife and their crazy friends, who get into crazy situations

    Martin is pretty much the craziest, outrageous person in showbiz. He plays so many different chaacters who always me and my family laugh until we are tearing. The only thing is that I don\'t understand why they don\'t play any reruns? Well maybe they do, but I never see it. I mean, everyone I know has at least seen this show once or twice.
    I was addicted to this show, when it first came out,even though I was like six or seven. The way that Martin presents and disguies himself in all those ridiculaous coustoms is pure comic genius
  • This is a show that you can watch over and over again. This show is a classic. Martin is a trip. He makes me laugh my butt off. It be funny when Martin be cracking jokes about Pam. He says that her breath is stank. And she was raised by wolves and........

    other jokes. Those jokes are classics. Martin plays a lot of characters like Shenneneh, Jerome, Otis the police officer, Roscoe the snotty nose kid, The karate guy, Ms Payne, and others I think. My favorite out of all of them are Shenneh, Jerome, Otis and the karate guy. They were funny. My favorite characters besides Martin are Tommy, Bro man, and Hustle guy. They were all hilarious. This show will never go old. This show will be popular still. They need to put this show on dvd because this will be a must have and a collectors item. I bet everybody is going to own this if it was on dvd. Everytime this show comes on I be singing the theme song. All the episodes are classics. This show rocks.

    Please release this show on dvd! Everybody is going to own this show.
  • Side-splittin' humor . . . You SO crazy!

    I agree with 1331351's post - Martin is the funniest person alive! Granted, he hasn't done many very humorous films in awhile, I really don't think there were many other shows that made me laugh as uncontrollably as Martin did. I was disappointed when the 'drama' arose in the last season, and the scenes became sketcheier as Martin wasn't in one with Gina. Still, I remember the early days fondly. Martin (as his Mother) picking on Gina's apple head and muscle butt. Classic! Some people would like to dismiss this comedy as an 'urban sitcom' or something that only appeals to certain people- but if they really watched it, I'm sure everyone would agree that Martin Lawrence on Martin was and still is the height of comedy.
  • DVD Please!!! Someone syndicate this show and market it to DVD Please!!!

    To the cast and crew of Martin, good show. This show represented the 90's world. Martin did this thing, Gina was girl of every man's dream, Pam was the girl who your girlfriend had that you couldn't stand but she was fine so you wouldn't mind--you know, Tommy was your boy who keep you in-line and told the truth from time to time, and Cole was the one friend everyone had that was stupid. Now the ugly girl Shenne, Martin was ahead of his time when creating her. Now everyone knows some ugly, ghetto girl that looks exactly like her. Martin you a jinx, but the show was off the chain. It's about time for a reunion??!!!
  • To put Martin back on T.V Email at this adresss.....

    The show Martin is the best comedy show i have seen so far. Martin Lawrence is one of the funniest men alive. The way he made jokes about all his friends and everything. When he made jokes about Pam them was the funniest. Then the relationship between Martin and Gina had was crazy but cool. Martin was always getting in to something, like when he got in to it with all the midgets. When he got beet in basketball by Gina and Pam because they had NBA players. The time when Martin one the lottery, he bought all that stuff they didn't need and ended up having to return because they really didn't win. The show was hilarious, Some station need to put it on air. If you want to see it on USA network email your complaint to . If enough people tell them how they feel maybe we can get Martin back on air with their station. USA netowrk use to have Martin on their Station. So please do this if you are a true Martin fan!!!!!!!!!
  • Martin is the funniest person alive. With all the characters he does you will always laugh. I wish some big name TV station would pick it up again. They will get that much more viewers, everyone loves that show.

    All of Martin's characters are funny, but Jerome and Ol' Otis are the best, don't forget Dragon Fly Jones and his obedient student KENGY. One of my favorite episodes is when martin didn't want to pay the 5% rent increase and Bro Man came selling Free Range Chicken, because for him it was free, but for you its gonna cost you the range of $15.
  • Definitely hilarious!

    I can't understand why this show hasn't been released on DVD yet. I mean, as popular as it was and being that alot of fans have been inquiring about it, it should've been a long time ago. I could see each episode 100 times, still laugh and never get tired of it.
  • Radio talk show host with girlfriend and friends and a cast of funny friends and neighbors in Detroit.

    This was one of the funniest sitcoms of its era. You never knew what to expect when the Martin Lawrence Show was airing in the early to mid 90's. The cast was great and they obviously had a great team of writers. When it comes to laughs, original characters by Martin, and great supporting cast, it does not get any better than this when it comes to sitcoms. I just can't wait until they make this sitcom available on DVD for purchase. The syndication shows always show the same ones over and over. Even when they show marathons of the show, it seems to be the same old shows.
  • When is Martin coming out on "boxed" DVD set, so I can purchase all the episodes??????? Definitely a pick me up, hilarious!!!

    Can never catch the reruns, I need to buy the DVDs when they ever come out. I love Martin!! Nothing else makes me laugh like Martin's show. My hubby even favors Martin Lawrence! We used to watch this show every single day. Those were the "good old days" now. Thanks, Martin!
  • One of the funniest sitcoms, ever. The show focuses on the life of Martin Payne, and his girlfriend, Gina.

    Martin is loaded with laughs. This sitcom takes us through the life of a radio disc jockey, and his group of friends. Martin was a fresh, off the cuff half hour of funny one liners, and put downs.
    Gina was Martins girl. They had a lively relationship, peppered with ups and downs. The constant struggle for the upperhand was classic. Cole, Tommy, and Pam were the supporting cast of friends to them. Pam and Martin shared a battle of put downs each time they crossed paths. Being Ginas best friend, there was an underlying jealousy between them.
    Martin often played other characters on the show, including his ultra-nosy neighbor, Shenanae. A know it all busy body, who was all up in Martin's business.
    Put all these factors together, and you have a classic sitcom, that is missed.
  • Another homerun!

    What is there to say that these other "Martin-ites" didn't already say? Other than.... I wish my teacher care so much about my multiplication... I loved everything about the episode, especially when Martin and Ol' Colely Cole fliched hard when those kids bowed up at them. Still I wonder... it wasn't Tommy's class, yet he asked the little hoodrats to give Martin and Cole a hand... Everybody knows that
  • I'm happy to say I have every Episode on VCR TAPE, 22 Tapes 5 Seasons... Its Something I can watch over and over and over again!!!!

    With a Disrespectful Date (Chris Rock)
    I told you you could super-size it! I told you!... I'm a lady, and you don't disrespect no lady! You better watch your back!

    Sheneneh, I can't buy nothin' with five dollars! You can buy a one-way ticket to get the hell outta' my face!

    With a Casting Director
    I guess no other Ladies showed up. Oh they showed up, but they was toe up, from the flo' up, almost made me throw up!
    Sheneneh, what's your secret? I like to stay cute in the face, and thin in the waist

    Have you studied martial arts? I don't know Karate, but I damn sure know crazy!

    After getting the part -- Oh my goodness!, oh my goodness!, I've got to call Loquita!

    With a White Girl
    Do you work here? "Do I look like I work here?" No!, but you look like you' 'bout to get yo' ass kicked!

    Gina's Wedding Emergency
    It's Gina's Wedding day and she's messed up her hair. Every place in town is closed. Gina and Pam turn to Sheneneh. She agrees to help, but she gives Pam an attitude. Pam: "Look Sheneneh, just do Gina's hair, and do my nails, and don't mess up!"Don't be threatenin' me! 'Cause can't nobody mess you up! 'Cause mother nature already done did that!
    Wait a minute! Don't you think you're over stepping your bounds? Don't get dropped! You'll be at your wedding with none of these, None of these! [teeth]

    Sheneneh Jenkins vs. Tommy Strong
    Sheneneh drives a '78 Mercedes. Tommy accidently dents Sheneneh's fender. She's furious!Sorry didn't do it Tommy! You're the one who put a dent in my Benz-o, with your 18 inch Lorenzos!
    Sheneneh decides to take legal action. She's sueing Tommy for 1.7 million. She hires a Dream Team to prosecute. Sheneneh shows up in court with crutches and a neck brace.

    He didn't have to hit me! He used that vehicle as a weapon! And you don't do that!

    Pam is called to testify. A vicious argument erupts between her and Sheneneh. Judge: Order! Order! Order in this court!

    Oh, I don't even know why I let her work on my nerves, 'cause she aint even on my level! OK? Pam: "I can't stoop that low!" You aint gonna have to stoop that low, 'cause you gonna have to get up, 'cause I'm 'bout to straighten out your crooked teeth! Now get up! Sheneneh lunges at Pam.

    Finally, Sheneneh takes the stand. The fact is... the fact is! Tommy hit me! And I'm just lucky to be here to be alive to tell my story! (Heavy sobbing and sniveling)

    Tommy, acting as his own defense, approaches the stand. He grills Sheneneh for a couple minutes, then shouts "Now you tell these people the truth! Tell The Truth!!"

    Oh my God! Look at him! I need the witness protection program!

    Sheneneh Jumps up, throws her crutches into the aisle, and bolts out of the courtroom with lightning speed.

    The next day the Judge announces "The court rules for the plaintiff, Miss Sheneneh Jenkins." Oh my goodness! Oh my gooness! We Won! The court orders Tommy Strong to pay 170 Dollars. In Sidebar: But your Honor! What about my bodily injuries? Judge: "M'am, yesterday you sailed out of here like Gail Devers!"

    Sheneneh ends up having to pay off her Dream Team.

    The Women's League
    Sheneneh and her friend Loquita crash an upper-class, mostly White, women's league meeting. Sheneneh shoves the speaker off the podium, then gives a speech on how all the hair styles and nails in the room need help. After about five minutes, a lady takes back the podium, gently nudging Sheneneh away. "Thank you, we've heard enough Miss Jenkins."
    Oh, OK, well don't push OK? You might not wanna push. I can set it off up in here, alright? Pow!

    Don't front and lose a tooth up in here while you tryin' to front in fronta' all ya' friends! Pow!

    Sheneneh and Loquita, to Pam and Gina's dismay, are gracefully accepted into the League after doing the ladies' hair and nails for free.

    In The Hall With Gina & Pam
    Gina & Pam are at the door with boxes.
    Huh!, it looks like Martin finally done kicked you to the curb Gina!

    "I am not movin' out, I'm movin' in!"

    What? You don't have my permission to move in here!

    Pam: "Permission? Please girl, we aint gotta' explain nothin' to you!"

    I was not even talkin' to you Cujo! I'm gonna' call Keylolo, and when she gets a hold of this mess, somebody's gonna' get hurt! I happen to be the 3rd floor Captain in this building!

    "3rd floor Captain? What's that mean?"

    That means, number one, no loud music after ten, unless it's Jodeci or Patti Labelle. Number two, no arguing, fussin' or fightin' unless it's Martin kickin' and scratchin' and beatin' and throwin' yo' ass down! -- You aint heard the last of me!Sheneneh turns and storms back into her apartment, slamming the door behind her.

    The Very First Episode
    Gina & Pam are at Martin's door. Sheneneh steps out into the hall.
    Well, well... look at the little business girls. I heard Martin insulting women on the radio today. I know you're goin' in there to dump him. So why don't you just send him over to my crib? Cause I know how to tame that man, alright? Pam: Girl, mind your ugly business and get back in your apartment! Let me tell you somethin' alright? You do not know me! OK? You do not know me, I will bust your ass, OK? Pam: Will let the bustin' begin! Pam takes off her shoe for a weapon. Gina restrains her. Sheneneh starts to dance and box at the air. Let her go! Let her go!! Gina: Sheneneh? You better go back in your apartment. Pam? Put your shoe back on! She is not worth it! Not worth it huh? Girl, you aint heard the last of me. I could bust you in your ear right now! Pam:That did it! Pam lunges toward Sheneneh. Sheneneh retreats into her apartment and slams the door.

    Some Random Quotes
    Keylolo? Yo' momma musta' been Trippin' when she gave you that name!
    "Sheneneh!, what's wrong?" Don't try to act like you care about me, 'cause I damn sure don't care about y'all!

    Well looky, looky! if it aint Stanky and the Little Rascal!

    Let me tell you somethin' you little low budget Salt n Peppa!

  • best show ever!

    this show crack me up all the time. I manage to record all the the episodes but not all of them. I wish they bring the show back on the air in my area so I can record the rest of the series. martin is one heck of a show.
  • Martin is the funniest Man alive!!!! He is also sexy as hell!!!!!!!

    This is the best show ever!!!!I cant wait for the box set!!!! Martin is a comical genuis. His show was raw and original. I have not seen any show like it sense. This show took risks and it was great. Martin and his many characters should go down in history.
  • This da show! Bring It Back!

    This da show! Bring It Back! It's funny, dramatic, and interesting all at the same time. Martin came up with the funniest cracks on Pam. I loved the way the fought all the time. Pam was my girl. She was my favorite. Gina was funny but not that funny. Sometimes she would be a big baby about stuff, but she played her role good.
  • I don't understand why they don't put it on DVD. Do they know how much money they are missing.

    Greatest show of all time. The best show is when Martin posed as Wesley Snipes on New Jack City, with the stuffed Rock. Sit' yo five dollar ass down before i make change. That was one of my favorites. Cowboy Bob was off the chain too. Otis was one of the best.
  • I personally thought Martin was a great show and here's my opinion.

    Martin was a great show. I think it challenged networks and went beyond. Martin Lawrence did not do what was expected. He went beyond limits to make everyone laugh. It made me laugh every minute I watched it. I believe it was just another great show that was cancelled when other shows came along. Although no new episodes have been produced, I enjoy watching rerun episodes. I think others that enjoyed the show feel the same as me.
  • What more can I say....than, Wussup, Wussup, Wussup!!!!

    This show was the greatest of all time! If really upsets me that I still have not been able to purchase a copy of it for myself. Much of the way we think today has alot to do with the Martin Lawrence Show. I hope one of these days he will be appreciated for his hard work and over the top talent in comedy and never be forgotten! But for real.... one of the funniest things about most of the episodes were that no matter how hard the cast tried they could not hold back from laughing and every once and a while you would catch them snickering in the back, like when Cole laughed out load when Dragon Fly Jones was doing his Karate routine a Pam and Gina's house!
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