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  • To put Martin back on T.V Email at this adresss.....

    The show Martin is the best comedy show i have seen so far. Martin Lawrence is one of the funniest men alive. The way he made jokes about all his friends and everything. When he made jokes about Pam them was the funniest. Then the relationship between Martin and Gina had was crazy but cool. Martin was always getting in to something, like when he got in to it with all the midgets. When he got beet in basketball by Gina and Pam because they had NBA players. The time when Martin one the lottery, he bought all that stuff they didn't need and ended up having to return because they really didn't win. The show was hilarious, Some station need to put it on air. If you want to see it on USA network email your complaint to . If enough people tell them how they feel maybe we can get Martin back on air with their station. USA netowrk use to have Martin on their Station. So please do this if you are a true Martin fan!!!!!!!!!